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If he’s going to avoid a fight against a psycho Super-Villain, end the 7 Days of Death, win the Assassination Tournament and discover ancient knowledge over life and death, Red Robin will have to survive a final battle against one of the world’s deadliest assassins. Her name? Cassandra Cain!

Art and cover by MARCUS TO and RAY MCCARTHY

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  1. This is going to be a good fight.  I want Tim to win, but I think he’ll win with his smarts over actual skill.  Gonna miss the older, rogue Tim.  

  2. I’m going to miss that costume……’s fun to draw

  3. closing in to the end of what could have been a great character, now replace by what seems to be a second rate sidekick. Lame

  4. There’s been more tension between Damian and Black Bat lately, but this should be interesting if it really happens.

  5. This is the series that I will be the saddest to see go. Is Marcus To on anything after the reboot?

  6. I think it’s official. We need a mini based around Damian tracking down Cricket.

  7. @Fvckstick – Seconded.

    Was anybody else secretly hoping it would be Canterbury Cricket?

  8. @CaseyJustice – yeah I actually thought that’s where it was heading when Cass said it. But the fact that the Cricket wasn’t a pushover background villain, made me happy.

    I hope they use the cricket. I keep thinking about when Damian came into the DCU and everyone hated him at first. But given time, now everyone loves to hate him. He’s a great character. It would be great to have another Damian, same characteristics, but without whatever it is that makes Damian lovable.

  9. @Fvckstick – The Anti-Damian… I love it!

  10. I’m really going to miss this book …

  11. When it came down to it this is my pick of the week. This issue encapsulated so much of what I loved about the series. My heart was pained when he mentioned that certain characters would be problems for months to come but I won’t be able to see those months. I think that while we may get an ending to this book. We will never get the ending to this book.

  12. Someone named “Cricket” beats Cassandra? C’mon, he’s like the DCU’s new Toad.

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