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The “7 Days of Death” begin with assassination attempts on Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox by the international assassin Scarab – but isn’t she in jail? To find the killer, Red Robin may have to spring the real Scarab from prison! Is this an assault on Wayne Enterprises, or do the first two days of death signal the start of a deeper conspiracy?

Art and cover by MARCUS TO and RAY MCCARTHY

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  1. Love this book.

  2. When is Tim Drake going to be at the center of a big event book? He has went from being a sidekick to a standalone hero. He deserves at being the center of a massive event book.

  3. With the departure of Grant Morrison on Batman and Robin and the endless wait on Batwoman, this has become my only bat book … and I’m really enjoying it …

  4. @cahubble09  U should seriously consider trying batgirl

    The last arc was a bit iffy with all the uternet stuff, so i’m happy they’re bringing it back to the real world

  5. That last arc was rough. I’m hoping this brings it back on track.

  6. I agree with Conor.  If this is not up to its former months’ glory, I’ll have to drop it.  

  7. This has been mired in crossovers and needs to get back to doing arcs of its own. That’s the only problem I see.

  8. The last issue was shocking. Way to go DC editorial by having a crossover part 2 and not tell us what issue was part 1.

  9. I just read the trade where Tim becomes Robin.  Great story and I hope this arc is something great for the character.

  10. @misterckent  What is the name of that trade?

  11. @HailScott: I think @misterckent is referring to “Robin: A Hero Reborn”, but of course can’t speak for him …

  12. @wangman31888: Thanks for the suggestion. Lately, I’ve been trying to be more disciplined and have been limiting myself to one book per publisher … maybe I’ll pick up the trade. 🙂

  13. I really enjoyed the last issue, but that whole thing with the Unternet before that, and those neon people? Wretched. I’m betting that we can get back on track here, but if this starts to blow again, despite my love for the character and the artist, there may be some dropping.

  14. The covers solicited for this arc have been pretty strong so I think that this is going to pick this up as my light week selection.

  15. @HailScott  & @cahubbie09  That’s the one!  It’s not the story where Tim is first introduced, but it’s a good one.  I had just read “A Death In the Family” and it brought Shiva in again.  Nice to read those two stories and see another character Tim has fought again and again.

  16. Way better than I thought this would be.

  17. Not the best issue of the run but it got me really excited for what is coming. Every assassin in the world hunting Red Robin? Yes please.

  18. I think I’m out. This and Batgirl. They used to be two of my favorites, but now… I dunno. I don’t even think the quality has changed all that much, I just kinda don’t care about the characters anymore, and the writing style on both is not what I’m into right now. Jeez, this feels like a breakup letter.

  19. So Lucius Fox’s death was faked, right?

  20. @AquaPimp82  Yes.

  21. I really loved this series for a long time, but I feel like it’s just been spinning its wheels for a few months. Maybe I’ll sit a few issues out and jump on when they’re onto something new. Feeling the same thing for Batgirl. 

  22. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  23. Lynx is a cool character.  Think Marcus To really got the Dick in a Bat-suit look down well, cus has seemed to me most others just makes him look like Bruce.  Liked how Tim really admires Dick’s unique skills, like he’s coming into his own as Batman, but really still wish he took on his own persona, if he ever does he better hurry, cus all the names are being taken by the new members of Batman Inc.

  24. Collectly this is the volume novels. Think Red Robin is easily one of the most exciting new characters for DC since Dick Grayson became Nightwing.

    Looking forward to reading and catching up.

  25. Tim is definitely coming into his own as a stand alone hero. This is a book that I can’t wait to hit my pull box at the LCS!

  26. Still one of my favorite books every month!

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