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Unable to control the Unternet, Red Robin is determined to destroy the villains’ communications grid. Once the hero learns that the Mad Men have unwittingly become “roaming sentient servers,” Red Robin will have to decide between severing Earth’s connection to the Unternet before it kills the Mad Men – or leaving them in the throes of insanity forever!

Art and cover by MARCUS TO & RAY MCCARTHY

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  1. I’ve missed Tim.  Lots of Batman last week.

  2. I really don’t like when Dick calls him “Red Robin”.  We have two Batmen, two Flashes, Red Robin and Plain Robin.  DC needs some new names/identities.  Nightwing is a cool name not being used.

  3. It feels like its been way too long since I’ve seen Tim.

  4. Yep, what is going on with Tim? Nightwing is a great name I agree BCDX97 and it needs to return……..

  5. I’m actually a fan of the Red Robin name.  It’s cool to see some influence from other Earths.  I also think the look is great.  Nightwing was good, but that was all Dick.  Besides, Nightwing was Chris Kent more recently.  Who can make a comeback anytime (maybe).

  6. I love the Red Robin name/motif. It feels right for Tim, somehow. Y’know who I wanna see as Nightwing? Cassandra Cain. There’s a character who needs a new identity.

    I do agree with BCD, though. Let’s stop diluting the characters. One Flash, one Batman would be nice. GL’s a different story, obviously.

  7. Tim made Red Robin work, it seems he could make any name work.

  8. Red Robin is alright, but I wish Tim would of changed the name when he altered the costume.

  9. Red Robin is the name of a hamburger chain here in the midwest and they have great burgers! No I think that Tim does well as Red Robin however; I think Nightwing needs to come back and agree completely with bcdx97 there should be only one character not this many with same names or similar. Except of course Green Lanterns and The Flash Jay Garrick and Barry Allen would make sense. Wally should be his own character and maybe Kid Flash for the titans. One Bruce Batman and one Superman and etc……

  10. I love the comments, “there should be only one character without others with similar names.”  Say goodbye to DC if you did that.  Isn’t every character a legacy with either the same name or an off shoot? Choose Superman, Superboy, or Supergirl, you only get to have one now, et ct….

  11. Much as I love this series I have absolutely zero interest in all of this unturnet stuff. It reads like garbled nonsense to me, and I just can’t get into it. Love the way Fabian writes Tim, and To is a revelation on art, but this story is a bit of a clunker for me. Can’t wait for the next issue so that we can get back to the fun stuff.

  12. This is usually a great series but this issue was unreadable. I could not get through it. Hopefully it will get back on track next month.

  13. This was a fun issue.  I really enjoyed it.  I actually liked the little cliffhanger (and I usually don’t).

  14. As I’ve said from the beginning this was Nicieza taking a nonsense Morrison idea and making it bearable. But its still a nonsense Morrison idea. I liked the issue but I think Tim did the wrong thing. He should have killed the Madmen. They even asked him to. I don’t usually have an issue with the bat families no killing policy, and I never thought Tim would break it in the issue but I really feel sorry for the Madmen.

    Anarky is a bad boy.

  15. Cheers

  16. I’m glad the Unternet story is finished, but I enjoyed it and had no problems following the concept. Tim Drake has always been one of my all-time favs, and Nicieza can write him til he’s in the ground as far as I’m concerned. That cliff hanger wasn’t exactly shocking, but it was handled beautifully. I’m looking forward to seeing Anarky World after we get a decent breather.

  17. @minion Did you read Batman Inc. last week? Batman pretty much let a guy fall to his death.

  18. @Aquapimp82 Red Robin is the only Bat Family book I read. I tried to read Batman and Robin when Tomasi started writing it but I couldn’t get into it.

  19. Am I the only person that thinks that Tim’s costume in the Unternet is better than the one he wears in the “real” world?

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