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Red Robin finally combines forces with his former teammates in a 2-issue crossover with TEEN TITANS that kicks off right here! Is there even enough room for Tim Drake and Damian Wayne – the new Robin – on one team? Meanwhile, Catman and the Calculator have their own agendas for this highly anticipated reunion!

Don’t miss the pulse-pounding second part in this month’s TEEN TITANS #92!


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  1. Normally a crossover is annoying, but I’m reading both Red Robin and Teen Titans, so it’s not so bad.  Besides, Catman has been popping up all over.  Interested to see how this goes down.

  2. Wait so this is a crossover? Oh well, I’ll pick up the issue I missed.

  3. @Minion  You didn’t miss anything. It starts here and goes into the next issue of TEEN TITANS.

  4. @conor  When is the next issue of TEEN TITANS expected to drop?  I don’t want to miss it since it isn’t in my normal pull list.

  5. @ctrosejr  The last week of the month.

  6. Both TT and Red Robin are great under the radar books, that I’m reading and loving so I’m pumped for this cross-over. 

  7. I just started reading TT because of Scott’s artwork (LOVE her work, Doug Hazelwood is awesome too) and I have been trade waiting RED ROBIN.  I picked up the first 12 issues of R. RObin  (year one) and loved it but wanted collect the series in trade, anyone know if this arc will be in a Titans tpb or a RR?  Either way I will most likely pick up this book.

  8. I love this book!

  9. Haven’t been following Red Robin regularly, but the last couple of issues have really sold me on this book, and becoming more of a fan of To’s art as well.

  10. I love this book, but I hate crossovers. The solits in the new Previews advertise an upcoming single story arc that crosses over RR, GC Sirens, and Batman. This turns a normal $3 purchase into a $9 purchase. I may have to sit that one out.

  11. This book, like the burgers of the same name, is consistently well constructed, richly layered and deeply satisfying.

  12. @CaseyJustice  Now I’m hungry.

    I  love this book so much. Between Red Robin and Batgirl, I really don’t need any other Bat-books.

  13. This is the only batbook that hooked me… 

  14. Good issue. The plot’s a little contrived (ok, maybe a lot), but if the end result is a touching scene reuniting Tim with his best friends, they can be chasing after Ding-Dong Daddy for all I care. Great, great characters stuff, and To is really on another level with this book. He’s one of those artists, like Ivan Reis, who I’m always excited to see draw my favorite characters.

  15. Another amazing issue. The plot is moving quickly but everything is clear and the character interactions are great.

    Catman still makes me laugh. I know he’s a serious threat but…. Its Catman! How can you not laugh? Especially when he pulls out a pink phone.

  16. One of my two fave books for the week (the other being Generations Lost).

    @Noto  I’m with you, between Batgirl and Red Robin, I dont really NEED any other Batbooks, though I must admit that I’m enjoying Batman, Inc. (if only it would come out on time). 

    My one small gripe is that I think the Calculator is starting to get overused. I dont really like seeing him as the main protagonist near as much as I like him being the person in the background providing the communications and support for the other villains. 

  17. Batgirl Red Robin Batman Inc. Detective Comics are the ones I follow. I don’t really enjoy the art in the others.

    Speaking of Catman there’s a lot of good Catman action in the Batman Brave and the Bold video game. 

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