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When Red Robin and his friends are trapped in the unknown world of the Unternet by the Calculator’s fail-safe program, it’s Batman and Robin to the rescue – but which Batman and Robin is it? If the Unternet is a telepathic communications gestalt where the villains’ dreams come true, can Red Robin become its waking nightmare?

Art and cover by MARCUS TO & RAY MCCARTHY

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iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.9%
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Still my favorite bat-family book

  2. Didn’t really enjoy the last two issues, trying this as a “one more time” thing.

  3. Prax – you are wrong. =)

    Super – you are right.

  4. i kinda agree prax, nicieza has yet to have one really good issue, they’ve all just been slightly a above average, whereas i though mccarthy had 2-3 outstanding ones

  5. I like when Red Robin works with other characters of the DCU.  B&R should be a fun addition.

  6. I started reading this book based upon iFanboy’s recommendation. (Mainly Conor’s) and I have been very pleased. I’m not always onboard with Nicieza’s writing on various other books, but he seems to pull off Tim Drake very well.

  7. My second favorite DC book at the moment right behind Generation Lost. Consistant quality every single month.

  8. I’m thinking about picking up both Red Robin and Batgirl this month.

  9. Tim’s Nightwing-esque costume in this issue was very cool, I wish they would switch to that full time.

  10. Damn snowstorm has held up everything this week! 

  11. Well, that was… interesting. Fun issue, but definately weird.

  12. Kind of strange issue, story-wise, but the the “Else-Worlds” type stuff was pretty to look at.

  13. I really like the Red Robin costume design in the “Unternet world”. They should make that his new costume.

  14. Awesome issue that took some of the crazy Grant Morrison type stuff and did it right. Some of the panels in this are definitly Panel of the Week worthy. Young Justice League was awesome.

  15. The weakest issue since the spider assassins. That said I still gave it four stars. Every issue has been bangarang.

  16. This was my POTW for the first time since its debut. It’s always a strong book, but this one was just good old fashioned comic book fun. I too like Tim’s Unternet costume. But I’ve lamented the Red Robin costume since the beginning of it’s very weird journey (Dick in Kingdom Come, to Jason Todd in 52, to Tim after Dick dismissed him). I’ve also thought Tim should adobt his own Nightwing identity since Bruce came back. “Red Robin” is a showtune and a fast food restaurant, not a superhero name.

  17. I picked this up on the advice of the comic shop girl. It’s just fun. Like Fabian Nicieza’s old New Warriors books.

  18. Fun, but I was bored with it after a while. it did pick up on the end of the Robin run, though, which was nice. But I think I just don’t care for Bruce-esque Tim Drake.

  19. Did anyone else notice the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters in the Unternet?

  20. @Supertrackmonkey There’s also an all-yellow version of the Batman Forever batmobile in that panel.

  21. @WadeWilson I like his new normal Red Robin outfit the best.

    @PraxJarvin  I liked the past few issues but I got bored with this issue as well.

  22. The ad for the TT cross over was wrong. It starts in Red Robin 20, not 21. Just a heads up.

  23. Thought the story was very Tron-esque, but yea, Red Robin’s costume…much better in the Unternet.  

    Very impressed with To’s art in this, sweet old school Calculator, and iiked how Riddler was serving as Todd’s subconscious in this as well.

  24. I thought the new Red Robin costume looked great!  Be nice to see more of it in the future but I won’t hold my breath.  Lots of good humor in the issue to, especially the old Batman and Robin duo.

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