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How does the return of Bruce Wayne and the beginning of Batman, Inc. work into Red Robin’s plan to initiate an international stranglehold on crime? If Batman approves of everything Red Robin has set in motion, what will he do when his prot

Art and cover by MARCUS TO & RAY MCCARTHY

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  1. I love this book, I can’t wait to read this storyline

  2. Tim is such a baller.  He’s got that whole thing with Stephanie.  Then the ‘engagement’.  Now, he’s got some bad girl all over him?  Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  3. Does anyone else think Tam still hasn’t figured out that Tim is connected to Batman? Of course that will probably be spoiled by Bruce’s revalation at the end of B&R 16.

    Generation Lost, Red Robin, Booster Gold and Rebels in one week? This is an awesome DC week for me. All my favorite books.

  4. This book is consistantly amazing.

  5. Cassandra Cain!

    I’m close to hyperventilating.

  6. I’ve always been a Tim supporter, but this book makes me think that Tim is pushing Steve Rogers aside inch by inch every month as my favorite character in comics…well…superhero comics that is.

  7. This book has been nothing short of AMAZING.  Where as many of the other series I feel have at least one or two issues that drop the ball, Red Robin hasn’t had a weak one.  And Tim is morphing into that kind of cool shady Bruce.  I loved that side of him.

  8. I don’t know how you people say this is the best Batman book to come out of Reborn?  I thought it was average at best during the first arc, then just went to hell when I had to look at the ugly bald girl all the time.

  9. This is Robin perfection right here.

  10. I’m glad to see (spoiler) Tim and Bruce together again. Solid issue.

  11. This was an amazing book. The highest praise I can give it is that it mede me think for a moment that this Batman Inc stuff isn’t completely stupid.

    Also, best Batcave ever. 

  12. The Tim and Bruce moments made this my POTW

  13. “There’s one thing we forgot …”
    “Now, let’s go have some fun!”

    Who is this imposter Batman that’s come put of the time stream?

  14. come out*

  15. @WadeWilson – I actually like the change.  I don’t want to see it constantly, but I thought it was pretty well done here.

  16. This was great! Goddamnit I love Tim Drake. I really enjoyed the encounter with Lynx. Both his and Bruce’s lines comparing her to Catwoman were fantastic. I’d be more interested to see her as a love interest than Tam, Zoanne, or Stephanie. Man, that’s a lot of ladies. Say what you will about the batboys’ social problems, but Bruce raised them to be straight up pimps.

    Bruce and Tim’s (second?) reunion was handled beautifully. I too welcome the lighter Bruce. It’s something that Grant said he’d accomplish way back when he started his run. I’d love to see Tim globetrotting with Bruce throughout Batman Inc., but I’m glad they’re giving him some obligations in Gotham. And I’m sure he’ll appear in Inc. plenty.

  17. hey when did Fabian start listening to lady gaga

  18. This is consistently one of my favorite books. Love that Tim and Bruce are truly partners. And the dialogue about Damian was pitch perfect.

  19. @stuclach- I just hope people remember his nickname isn’t The Dark Knight because he’s into rainbows, sunshine & kittens.

  20. Can someone please explain to me the scene outside of the theater / in the diner?  Was it Tim who was using the arm braces / crutches?  I was confused because his shirt color changes.  If it is Tim, where did that come from?  And, is that like his Clark Kent glasses?  I’m new to the book, but I don’t remember anything that would cause him to use them and he seemed to stand and swing on the rooftops fine while in "uniform".

  21. @strosejr

    Tim recently faked being crippled in an assassination attempt because Vicky Vale was suspecting his secret identity.  He has to pretend to wear the crutches for a year or so.

  22. I made this my POTW. This was a well rounded issue. It had a a cameo by Cassandra Cain, Bruce and Tim reunited, and even some Titans humor with a Superboy joke thrown in.

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