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The new Anarky has his own version of Red Robin’s Hit List! Ulysses Armstrong has made a record of Gotham City teens who could be Red Robin – and he’s murdering them one by one. With an incapacitated Tim Drake crossed off his list, can Red Robin stop Anarky before the villain attacks his next target? And with the deaths of innocents weighing on his conscience, how far will Red Robin go to cross Anarky off his own Hit List?


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  1. I love this series. Originally, I wanted Tim to become Batman, but I now think it’s better giving Tim a costumed identity to mold into his own… 

  2. @supertrackmonkey…  I really like Tim on his own.  I hope he eventually moves into the Teen Titans again, though.  That would be a great reboot or ish 100!

  3. One of my top three series. I love it every time an issue comes out.

  4. @misterckent:
    I really want Johns and Manapaul to do a Red Robin/Superboy on-going series. The one issue they did (Adventure Comics #5 I think) was incredible.

  5. Agreed!  I’d love to see that again and am crossing my fingers it comes in the form of a New Teen Titans with Red Robin leading a team with Superboy on it.  And Johns would be perfect for that!

  6. yea this is the best batman title after batman and robin!!

  7. I don’t know about Red Robin leading the Titans but man i would love a Red Robin/Superboy 6 issue mini

  8. Dunno about that score, but I gave this one a 5. An awesome thriller issue, an awesome villain upgrade, and Tim being his pimptacular self.

  9. In my opinion, this was the best issue in months. Nicieza understands Tim Drake, and it’s plain he’s building a solid supporting cast/rogues gallery around him. There’s loads of intrigue, and terrific characterization. 

    Also, this issue fueled my hope about Tim joining Bruce on his "global recruitment" mission. The second to last page is an obvious indication that Tim is starting to "think bigger".

  10. I may be the only person who doesn’t want Tim to join Bruce because that would mean he would be under the care of Grant Morrison and I hate his writing.

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