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Red Robin vs. Robin! When Damian discovers that he’s on Red Robin’s potential “hit list” of bad guys to apprehend, the new Robin goes about proving how wrong Tim was by trying to beat the crap out of him! Meanwhile, Tim’s plans begin to flourish, starting with a new role at the Wayne Foundation and a new love life.

Art and cover by MARCUS TO & RAY MCCARTHY

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  1. I love this book. And I hope Damian gets his ass kicked.

  2. I definitely hope Tim puts him in his place.  If anything, it’ll teach Damien about using brain.  Dick wasn’t exactly the best at that either.

  3. Just re-read the last arc of Yost’s run, and boy, did he develop Tim in a really interesting direction. Nicieza seems to be following up on that nicely, and To is a master. Really loving this book.

  4. I should buy the issue  to see Tim give Damian the big brother whipping he deserves. I may pick up the back issues in trade format to celebrate, because it has sounded great from the reader reviews.

  5. I was just about to drop this again until I read the solicit.  Now I have to squeeze in another book I can’t afford.

  6. This was a decent book, but I think Im gunna drop it. If anything of note happens in the future Ill pick it up in trade.

  7. I understand wanting to drop this because not much is happening that will effect the overall continuity of the DC universe but comics like this are why I read comics. It is fun to read and all too often that is not the case.

    Also "You lost the second I started trying." is something I’ve wanted someone to say to Damien since I’ve seen him. 

  8. I liked the interaction with Damian in this issue.  It’s also interesting to see just how many of Bruce’s tendencies Tim picked up.

  9. Best "Batman Family" book. Hands down.

  10. I think that Cousin Oliver thing was the single greatest joke I’ve ever read in a comic.  My eyes were watering from laughing so hard.

  11. I did really like Damian in this book its the best I’ve ever seen him.

  12. Marcus To has become one of the elite artist in DC im my opinion.

  13. Nicieza is totally off on Damian in this.  He’s become one of my fave characters in the DCU, not b/c he’s a snivelling wussy who want to “belong,” and I don’t think Tim could really take him that easy, thought Damian was somewhat of a League of Assassins trained prodigy.  Didn’t really see Damian giving a crap about what Tim thinks, and he wouldn’t interfere with intercepting a deadly assassin for his own personal agenda, Nicieza was totally off. 

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