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Fabian Nicieza joins RED ROBIN as the new regular writer! A surge of organized mobs spreads across Gotham City like a virus! Who are The Socials and what is their mysterious agenda in moving young people across the city in self-organizing crowds? Is it mind-control or simply youth boredom? What starts as fun and games becomes deadly serious and leads to an unexpected confrontation between Red Robin and Robin!

Art and cover by MARCUS TO & RAY MCCARTHY

Price: $2.99
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  1. Nitpick: Red Robin doesn’t wear that costume anymore.

  2. Ehh, I’ll give this run an arc at the least

  3. Well, I’ll miss Yost, but I liked Fabian’s run on colorless-Robin… Hell, To’s still around, so I’m in!

  4. I let my last few Red Robin books sit, love Tim Drake and Yost just have not had time, may wait on the trade for this one dont know yet.

  5. Hoep Fabien doesn’t take this book downhill…

  6. I think this’ll be good.  I wonder when it’ll come time for Tim to join the Titans…

  7. @misterckent – Isn’t he the leader of the Teen Titans? (He certainly appears to lead the Tiny Titans. AW, YEAH!)

  8. @stuclach – Indeed.

  9. i will give this a try because i enjoyed the past year of issues but where is this book heading if bruce is back soon?

  10. I’m optimistic about Fabian taking over. Should be a smooth transition.

  11. Excellent.

  12. @Slockhart: That was my first thought as well.

    This was a pretty solid issue. It reminded me of Johns Adventure Comics issues with Superboy. 

  13. The interplay between the family members continues to be the best part of this book.  … that’s a good thing though! 

  14. I’ll stick with it through this story but after that unless it wows me I think I’ll drop it. I really wish we couldve seen more of Tim searching for Bruce, that was such an awesome idea that very quickly got swept under the rug for the Ra’s al Ghul plot.

  15. Man, I love Marcus To’s artwork so much. His style is so clean and measured, mixing the best of classic superhero art and a more Asian style, it’s great. Every issue of this I get a little worried he’s going to leave, it’s so rare to get a top class artist on a book like this, and have him turn in perfect art month after month. Not a single bad panel, I will buy anything he does from now on.

  16. Didn’t wow me like Yost’s work on the series, but it was good. Marcus To seemed a little off to me this issue, though; can’t quite put my finger on it.

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