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Every single moment of the last year has led to this fight between Red Robin and Ra’s al Ghul. Who has Ra’s been talking to all this time in the shadows? Why was Lucius Fox so desperate to find Tim Drake? And why was Tim so certain that Bruce Wayne is alive in issue #1? All questions are answered.

Art and cover by MARCUS TO and RAY MCCARTHY

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  1. I’ve loved this series and if the solicitation is to be believed, this will be a great chapter for Tim.

  2. Sad to see Yost leave this book, but it sounds like he’s going out with a bang! Consistantly one of my favorite titles.

  3. Is that an homage cover?  It looks horribly familiar but I can’t place it… 

  4. i’m in love with this book as well. Has been tons of fun and i push this book on everyone i know.

  5. I like answers.

  6. Yost is leaving?!?!?
    :   (
     Any word on who’s taking over?

  7. @CronyC

    Fabian Nicieza takes over next issue.  The good news is Marcus To isn’t going anywhere. 

  8. I liked Nicieza stories from his last run on Robin. Yost has been doing a great job though. To is the perfect artist for this book.


    Oh, and if Geoff Johns just happens to read this post. Please start a new book featuring the adventures of Superboy and Red Robin, with the creative team of Johns and Manapul. That book would be epic. 

  9. @supertrackmonkey: Ditto! I agree I want a Conner and Tim book as well.

    @Slockhart: I’m not sure but looks like a contender for cover of the week.

    I keep going back and forth with this series. At times I want to drop it and other times it is a POTW front runner.

  10. I really liked this issue. Probably my favorite so far. The Ra’s/Tim interaction has been stellar from the beginning, but it really comes to a head here. Tim explaining to Ra’s all the ways he’s beaten him was so Bruce it was chilling. Great stuff.

    My only complaint would be the new costume. I had no problem with the original (I had problems with how it floated around between characters, but not with the aesthetics). Why couldn’t we have just left it the same and thrown some fins on the gloves to make him match the guys? Oh well. Maybe it’ll grow on me. Good issue though.

  11. Now, THIS is how a super hero comic should be written!

  12. It takes an amazing book to eclipse this week’s Batman & Robin, and this one did it.

    I wish Yost wasn’t leaving. 🙁 

  13. Wow what an awesome issue! Surprisingly this is my POTW. I go more in depth in my review.

  14. After much deliberation, this is my POTW. It wasn’t easy, with a pull list of 11 fantastic books this week, all of which are currently at a 4+ average rating. The interaction between Tim and Ra’s is what sold it for me.

    Is it just me or was this an especially good week for comics?

  15. Very surprising POW for me.  Sadly I don’t think I want to continue this book when Nicieza takes over next issue, but I thought this was a pretty spectacular end to the first year or so of this book.  And between this issue and the last issue, Marcus To has impressed the hell out of me–he really knows how to draw a full page image of one or more superheroes falling/gliding down the page.  I would love it if he took a turn on an arc of Batman and Robin sometime soon.

  16. Not sure how I feel about the costume change.  On one hand, it’s nice subtle changes, on the other, they’re so subtle I almost wonder what the point was.  All I could tell was that it was a new belt, no more "shirt tails," and he had the spike things on his gloves.  Was there anything else?

    This was probably the best Batman comic since Reborn started… except maybe Batgirl #5.

  17. @mrlogical YES! I was thinking the same thing.

  18. Who is that woman with Ras?

  19. So many great comic book stories wind up with sort of "meh" endings.  It’s so awesome when something like this comes along – just one of the best closing issues to a story that I’ve read in ages.  The "I’m not like Bruce…" line was just pure gold, really capping off the fabulous interaction between Tim and Ra’s.  Definitely my POTW.

  20. @HunterSThompson: Holy Jesus! Check out your review I answer your question there. Did I just say that out load?

    @Slockhart: Basically I think the subtle costume changes were to make his suit look more like Dick and Damian’s.

  21. This issue was AMAZING. This just shows for formadible Tim really is and how much smarter he is than Dick, Alfred and Damian just by looking at the old painting.

  22. My only fault with this book, is where the hell did Pru go? She had been a staple of this since the beginning and now she just dropped off from last issue when Robin tried to attack her and Tim leveled him (to stop him and show him who is boss.)

  23. Also, at the beginning of the book, Tim was calling himself Tim Drake Wayne or Tim Wayne. Why has that changed?

    I’ve been following Tim Drake since the beginning, 1989 when he was first introduced. He was the first character I gravitated towards being a kid myself back in those days. I’m really glad they decided to make the character a staple for the future of the DCU.

  24. This is a damn fine issue. The only issue I have with it, is that Tim is a little too impressive.  Outsmarting Ra’s shouldn’t be this easy.

  25. @stuclach- Yea i agree. He seems too impressive much like bruce at the moment except he cant beat ras in a fight, which Dick can do 🙂

  26. "Well done, Detective."

    Fuck yes!

  27. @Slockhart: I think the costume changes were to show that Tim has made the Red Robin character his own. Before he wore the suit because it had negative reputation attached to it, from when Jason Todd wore it. (Oddly enough, the first 3 Robins have all worn the Red Robin costume now. Although Dick was in another universe.) By changing the appearance he also looks less like Dr. Midnight.

  28. POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!






    I think that the woman with Ra’s is Cassandra Cain, the previous Batgirl……. 

  29. @stulach I think it was believable for tim to outsmart him the way he did and call in every favor he possibly could.

  30. This was unexpected the pick of the week for me. Tim Drake has been longtime a favorite character of mine, but I didn’t think that in Red Robin he was showed at his full potential. Boy, they proved me wrong in this issue. It really showed why I like his character so much.

  31. @RoiVampire – Perhaps. I need to reread the series.

  32. The awesomness of Tim Drake continues to grow. 

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