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“Collision” races to its conclusion as Ra’s al Ghul’s endgame for Red Robin begins. The Men of Death are on the move in Gotham City, and Red Robin, Batgirl and Prudence set out to stop them from killing everyone Bruce Wayne ever cared about. But before he can take on Ra’s, Red Robin has to get past Gotham City’s own protectors…

Art and cover by MARCUS TO and RAY MCCARTHY

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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Christopher Yost is doing great with this.  Tim remains one of my favorite characters.

  2. Ummm…. I thought there was another Batgirl between this and last issue? 

  3. @PraxJarvin – Perhaps it is a three issue crossover?  It seems like this was rather poorly planned and executed.

  4. I don’t remember why Pru is helping Tim now. Time go go back and reread.

  5. When Red Robin is your least anticipated book, you know you’re in for a great week.

  6. @slockhart exactly! still pumped for this though, of course

  7. @HailScott: I could be mistaken, but I believe the reason why Pru is helping Tim is because he saved her life. 


    Because she is working as a double agent for Ra’s. But if she was, Tim would already know this and be ready for it. 

  8. Since Bruce is gone, Tim is now the World’s Greatest Detective. Ra’s even said so himself.

  9. @supertrackmonkey It’s long been established (Heck, even built into his origin!) that Tim is a better detective than Bruce. 

  10. I guess the usual comment is "Someday he will certainly be better than Bruce".

    Has that day come?

  11. @Alexferrer: I really don’t think so, no. It’s still "someday."

  12. I enjoyed this one quite a bit.  I liked seeming the entire team together even if it was only briefly.  I’d love to see how the current team would operate in a No Man’s Land type situation.

  13. Sorry.  I meant "seeing", not "seeming".

    I’m praying the site upgrade will feature an edit button. 

  14. Filler. Dressed up filler was all this really was. NOthing really happens, the encounters between Dick, Tim and Daimian were exactly where they were the last time this book came out. Batgirl sort of just disappeared from this story at points. The art was decent, but certainly just practical. 2/5 

  15. GREAT issue.  Tim Drake will be Batman one day.  He’s sort of becoming Batman in his own book. 

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