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  1. Uh…I totatly forget what’s going on in this book. 

  2. @Neb yeah I picked up the first and it wowed me so much I can’t even remember what happened. I dunno that I’m gonna bother with this…

  3. I can totally remember this book! It is very clear in my head. The same has been true for pax romana. Something about hickman’s books really stick with me. Anyway, I’m pretty stoked. But I do hope we won’t have to wait so long for the third one.

     I’m really liking Ryan Bodenheim’s art, so I hope he’s not the reason for the delay. I’d like to see him getting more work. I’m hoping Hickman’s baby or day job or whatever are to blame. These creators are both people I would like to see every month.

  4. i can remember what happened in this- superman lives on mars in the future – brillent

  5. Why not read issue 1 again? No really, I’m curious. Why not just re-read the previous issue?

  6. @JumpingJupiter   I thought the same thing.  I find that even if a book comes out religously each month I like to read the last issue right before the new issue.  Just adds a lot of depth to the story. 

    If it says Jonathan Hickman on the cover you know you are going to get a treat inside 🙂

  7. I hate myself for waiting.

    But I am. FOR THE TRADE!

  8. Actually, I was thinking about this today. What’s the big deal with lateness? Why is it such a bad thing?  I’m cool with waiting. Read it today or next month, same difference. I guess my waiting threshold is higher.

  9. for me the positive it is allows me to spread out the money and get more books – if they all showed up on time I would have to cut my list in half

  10. Precisely, what I was trying to explain in another thread BrikHed. It’s all about cash flow for me too.

  11. i always have to at least flip through the last issue of any series due to my poor memory.

    this is another great hickman book. the man can do no wrong in my opinion. hopefully he stays that way for years to come.

  12. Yeah, this was really great. A good week for image books actually.

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