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• No RED LANTERN is safe!

• ATROCITUS discovers a conspiracy behind the awakening of the terror that is ABYSMUS, which threatens to kill every member of his corps!

Story by Peter Milligan
Art by Tomas Giorello
Colors by Nathan Eyring
Letters by Carlos M. Mangual
Cover by Miguel Sepulveda & Rain Beredo

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. This is gonna be freaking awesome!! Last issue left us hanging with everything Atrocitus knows being destoryed and falling apart. There will truly be some major revenge and where is my Bleeze hiding her self?? Another Lantern Corp down, who’s next?? This is just a great title and is so unrated it is just unbelievable!!


    • I assume Bleeze is off doing her thing in New Guardians. Have they not mentioned that in this book? I haven’t read this since issue 2. Not nearly enough Dex-Starr.

    • @buck2889

      The stories are both happening at roughly the same time. Bleeze goes back and fourth. She left the New Guardians as a slobbering maniac then came back with the ability to reason that she gained in Red Lanterns. The interconnectivity is one of the reasons I really like both books.

  2. wicked cover. i wonder if black lanterns are involved in anyway. that would be awesome.
    this is one of my favorites of the new 52.

  3. @sitara119 – You bring up a very intresting point with The Black Lanterns; what of they are really behind this? Are the Guardians infected with something because I do not think even they are that capable of being this evil and plotting the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps as well as the others. That would surely be a diabolical plot and using Sinestro as a tool to up root his own Corps. and then the rest and then destroy him at the end. HUH? I think we are on to something??
    Or I may be just as crazy as I sound, either way great thought; opens up the imagination a little bit more.
    Bleeze has been bouncing back and forth here and I really do not mind, the more Bleeze the better and I would not mind a little Dex-Star as well. I have a large strange thing for Bleeze I guess you could call it, was that creepy?


  4. Is this a good jump on point or what number you suggest i should star read this that make sence? Thanks

    • No.

      There are about half a dozen plots going on at once here.

      You pretty much have to start with issue 1.

    • @optra08 – Being a huge Red Lantern fan right now, welcome aboard as soon as you can jump in however; you absolutley need start at issue #1. I do not want to lead you down the wrong path and then you will be filled with Rage and then have Vengance on me…. I believe actually the best thing to do is start picking up the issues that will not be collected in the trades and save them until you have read the trade. That is the best advice I could give you unless you can get your hands on the back issues from the begining for real cheap?? You get the point though and good luck.


  5. I decided to read the first issue a couple days ago and realized I really loved this series. I did not expect to, but both the writing and the art are wonderful. Compared to GLC, I would pick this book 100 times over. Can’t wait for more!

  6. i´m on a quest now guys, call me a romantic but i will search for those singles since #1, i hope this worth it. Thanks guys, i´ll let you know.

  7. This title continues to be one of the best drawn and has really jumped another comic book on it’s way into my top 5 comics rigth now! It is very difficult to explain my love for this title; I think that it is because rage is the one emotion that can be weilded by both good and evil if you really get it, and it not always has to be released in a negative way; it can be converted. I just like the way this flows and have found myself liking a lot of the characters in this title a lot eaiser then others. The one thing that I am a little concerned with is ATROCITUS is starting to be more of a whiner and really not as bad ass as I thought he was when he poped untot he scene. Just a little concerend would like to see his bad assery continue….. Gave this a 5!!


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