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Who is it that brings death to all on Ysmault? Jack Moore could not have become a Red Lantern at a more apocalyptic time. But what’s worse: being caught in Atrocitus and Bleez’s civil war, or taking the blame for the infection spreading throughout the Red Lantern Corps? Facing extinction, how long until all the Red Lanterns burn out?

Written by Peter Milligan
Pencilled by Ed Benes
Inked by Rob Hunter
Lettered by DC Lettering
Colored by Nathan Eyring
Cover by Ed Benes & Nathan Eyring

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Bleeze I love you!! The civil war has begun for the Red Lanterns and I just love this title and can’t wait month to month. Come on Wednesday please hurry up and get here!! I want to see how this new human Red Lantern mixes with Atrocitus and the rest of the gang. I still say this is just plain old courting for the A-man and Bleeze, they just seem so much like royalty to the emotion Rage and control it better than anyone. Good luck to all in this issue, should be a real blood bath.


  2. Look at that cover! The team on this book have something great going from art to story to letters and color. If you are not reading this you really need to start, one of thee best of the NEW 52!!


    • For you what is the best Green Lantern book right now?

    • Green Lantern thats it. The other ones are just so so…….


    • definitely GL. the things johns/mahnke are doing with hal and the duality of sinestro makes for some really amazing and dynamic stuff. not to mention bringing black hand back into fold and the build up to the guardian’s plan to destoy the GLC. and who the fuck is the first lantern?
      but this is second. i hope they can make this whole human red lantern thing work. i thought issue 6 was terrible but 7 won be back over.

  3. Is this better than GLC?

  4. Liked this issue for the Dex-Star reference and appearance alone…..but the construct was cool as well!

  5. Red Lanterns shouldn’t have constructs. That’s how I feel. They have napalm vomit and can’t be killed. Isn’t that enough? I like the RL’s because they aren’t like the GL’s. Please don’t make them all the same, that’s boring. This issue kind of worries me. It seems like the book is getting too expansive and convoluted. Either focus on Rancor or Atrocitus or Bleez. Don’t smash it all up and make it a mess. I was loving how the book was exploring the moral ambiguity of vengence. Now it’s just bullshit about a broken power battery and poorly written cliff hangers. Corp up! Have missions! Explore relationships within the corp! Have some underlying purpose. Im very interested in some of these characters but it seems like editorial is just forcing books to fold into each other and its driving me crazy. If a comic book has more then one footnote from two different editors its garbage. I love this title and I dont want to see it go down the crapper. Oh yeah, and bring Benes back ASAP! If one more villian says, “I have a secret but im not going to tell you until the next issue,” Im going to be the newest member of the Red Lanterns. “Red Baron you have great rage in your heart.”

    • I agree that they shouldn’t mash all three of them into one comic, I think they should ignore Bleez (even though she’s badass) since she’s in New Guardians, and just do Rancor and Atrocitus because 2 is just fine! Also want to add that I’m starting to love this new guy

    • i like the constructs. if only to make bloody napalm monsters. i don’t think that i would like to see atrocitus making trains or a big yo-yo. nothing like that. but bloody monsters are cool.

    • I agree, I have the same problem with the constructs that I had with this human red lantern. It’s unnecessary and not the reason I buy Red Lantern. I picked up red lantern for Atrocitus, Dex-star, bleeze, naplam vomit and violence…. I don’t need humans and constructs. Oh well, it’s still good, just wish they weren’t wasting time on the dumb human, ha.

  6. jack moore is growing on me and i like where this seems to be going.
    the art was fantastic. maybe better than benes. i definitely liked the look of rancor better.
    red lanterns dying at any given moment adds a layer of suspense. a time constraint that raises the tension and picks up the tempo.

  7. Well a 5 and was right there with my POW and really was freaked out by the ending….the Red Lantern has been destroyed and Atrocitus is bleeding out. I have a feeling this is only the begining of the end for anyone how crosses A-Man from here on out! Like this title so much and I will say I kinda of agree withe constructs and the bloody napalm issue. They should just go with bloody constructs made from the napalm. Otherwise, I could not ask for a more disturbingly beautiful comic.


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