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A Red Lantern’s tale never has a happy ending, so brace yourself for the tragic tales of Skallox, Zillius Zox and Ratchet. Their violent destinies set the stage for their new life as seekers of bloody vengeance!


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  1. I must just be a Peter Milligan mark but I love this series so far. I know Ron has said he doesn’t understand why they’re making this title but I’m still trying to figure out why they are so many X-Men titles that are not needed. I’m excited to see the beginings of some of these unknown Red Lanterns esp Skallox.

    • im with ya. all those x-books can go fuck themselves(for the moment). i’d prolly like them if i were still in highschool.
      anywayz, watchn’ bleez spit in her dead mother’s corpse was awesome. it seems like these lanterns are heading toward a civil war, which would be a great way to learn more about some of the unknowns. im hookd’

    • @sitara yeah man a civil war in the Red Lanterns would be a fun read. Thin out the herd alittle

    • @sitara agree about the x-books except for X-Force that’s a keeper and yeah a civil war would be great.

    • Drdeez.. Milligan’s knocking hellblazer out of the park right now! have you been reading his run? its great.. you should check it out if you havent yet.. or if you can stand selfish magicians with huge trenchcoats.

    • @jroberts -I’ve been slacking on Hellblazer- I’ve differently want to jump back on board , when was the beginning of the current arc. I also really dig Justice League Dark as well but your probably reading that and who doesn’t love a selfish brit who knows magic with a big trenchcoat–>not this guy

    • Start Hellblazer with “Scab”, issue #250.

    • Thanks Sockman-Will do

    • Ya Drdeez Sockman’s right.. it starts at issue 250.

      Its Constantine with a li.. crap .. i almost typed a spolier…
      I think hes stinkin with this till issue 300 now.. should be awesome.. and ya…. i love Justice league dark.. one of my favs from the new 52..

    • And yes i think Red Lanterns is underrated.

    • @sockman @irobert Thanks alot guy for the info guy alway love a reason to go back to my comic shop.

    • lol I meant to say thanks guys-I need to start proof reading my post

    • Dont worry about it.. i leave out words sometimes.. and contractions all the time.. the worst thing to leave out is contractions cause then you end up saying the exact opposite of what you wanted to say… like if i wanted to type ‘didnt’ and just typed ‘did’ instead… which ive done.. it turns my post into crap. I try to proof them but i cant get it right for some reason.

  2. I might drop this title if this issue doesn’t amaze me.

  3. @drdeeznutz and @sitara119 I am with you guys! This is in my top 5 of the new 52 easily, the artwork, and the story is to the freshest and they are building each character and their back stories at the right pace making it easy for anyone to follow.
    The artwork is so under rated and is one of the most stunning looking books of the new 52, without question! A human to become a Red Lantern?? This is gonna get real good and I for one can not wait!! I hope they pick me!!


  4. Bleeze is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably my new favorite female character!
    Sorry could not help it, the art team on this book really do a great job!


  5. Probably one of the best books in the new 52. I am just wondering if the entire corp will become more sentient now that we know it possible. If this book gets better maybe we will get a Sinestro Corp book.

    • I’m holding out for an Indigo book! lol

    • @Burrito lol – I still want to know what happened to Black Hand. I wonder if he’s still a captive of the indigo tribe? I hope they bring it up one day.

    • @bulgarianbullwhip
      agree with you on all points, sir

      i think they should have, for lack a better term, a ‘rainbow’ book that focuses on a different corps per story arc
      ps still watchn’ anceint alians. lol

      i would LOVE to see the return of black hand

    • You know, that’s actually a really good idea. That could/would have also worked as a back up in Green Lantern. I know, i know, it’d be 3.99 then, but I would pay that for Green Lantern with a “Tales from the Corps” in the back. Maybe with 3 issues arcs that deal with a different corp each time.

      That’s some good stuff that will never happen, but I already pictured it all in my head and that’s good too! haha

  6. This book isn’t so black and white and I love that about it. Are they good guys? Are they bad guys? I can’t really tell yet. And I’m really drawn to the idea of a Corps who helps people, but helps them by exacting bloody vengence. Its not like they are taking out innocents or anything. So psyched about a human Red Lantern. I’m also a huge Dex-Star fan. I think more of the Corps will gain intelligence and I feel that is badly needed.

  7. I don’t know why this book seems to be thought of so lowly here – a lot of people seemed to dismiss it out of hand before it even started, or they bought the first issue just because it was issue 1 and had no intention of following it. It’s not great, but it’s pretty cool. X-Statix was great, so I know Milligan is capable of it.

  8. this is the only book left of the 52 that keeps nagging at me to be pulled, but I’ve got enough reads.

  9. @SmoManCometh- This is for me one of my top 5 of the new 52 easily and I think is worth the pull. I am not sure why it has gotten a POW or even BOM? Try it or read it in the store you will not be disappointed; read the comments above unless you already have and now your going to read it. In that case never mind…..


  10. Another great issue; Atrocitus and Bleeze I really thought they were going to become intamite instead this is going another direction; mutany! I think the Big A better jump in the blood river himself, heis not using his head very well at all. Bleeze seems to be smarter than him now and I can see this going bad real fast. Once they establish their corps. then we can move on to some dispensing of the rage and a side of vengance thru out the galaxay!! I gave this issue a 5 again this month the artwork fantastic and this title will never have a boring story to tell so many cool plot twists, and turns. Top 5 of the New 52!!


  11. @flash Paranoid Atrocitus dishing out vengence across the galaxy to clear his mind is always a fun read. Plus Ratchet’s origin-a species who lives in voluntary seclusion from the public and society just to honor his quote on quote religion is fantastic.

  12. Wow, you guys are all hype and making me want to give this book a try. I love Milligan but haven’t even tried issue #1.

    • jump on in. the blood…ahem…i mean the water is fine. lol
      if you choose to read this series, you might find that joke hilarious.
      but, in all seriousness, this series is just fantastic.
      cant recommend it enough, especially if you make it to issue #4

    • The fun thing about a book with less pulls is that there isn’t a lot of hating in the comments haha. I’m just saying take the love with a grain of salt because clearly we are all fans in here.

  13. I started this series completely neutral – neither a raving fan, nor a dissenter. Kinda just waited to see what it was all about. I pull 13 of the “DC New 52,” and Red Lanterns has easily been in my top 5 each issue. The art is really great, to be honest. But the storyline – particularly in #2 and #3 – was surprisingly good. Granted, this series is not for the “sensitive / weak-stomached.” It’s got all the Rage and Hurt one would expect, I suppose. So, if readers are disappointed in this series, I am not really sure why – what the heck were they expecting that they didn’t find here?

  14. Getting better. Couldn’t have gotten too much worse than issue 2. I’ll stick it out a bit longer.

  15. I think IFanBoy should do a poll on everyones top 10 from the NEW 52 just for fun. This is really an outstanding underated book right now and this issue really cemented it into my permanent pull list!!
    So for fun:
    1.) JL
    2.) Flash
    3.)Suicde Squad
    4.) Red Lanterns
    5.) Aquaman
    7.) JLI
    8.) JL Dark
    9.) Catwoman
    10.) Wonder Woman

    This list was hard to put together for me; I still have some that move up and down on this list and there are still a few that I really think could be on here as well. There are still other titles that are excellent and could easily be top ten just that there is only room for ten. AAARRGGGG!!


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