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• There’s going to be hell to pay as ATROCITUS continues his lone search for ABYSMUS and more poisoned members of his corps die!


• With the entire corps poisoned, only a handful of RED LANTERNS are left alive!

Story by Peter Milligan
Art by Miguel A Sepulveda
Cover by Ed Benes

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  1. This looks faptastic.

  2. I’m fairly new to the overall larger Lantern mythos, but it seems that all these different Corps just make this corner of the DCU overcrowded and quite frankly, a bit silly. “I’ll fight your rage with my compassion and… Oh no, here comes hope!”

    I dunno… Maybe I just don’t get it. But this shit gives me a headache.

    Was the Lantern universe better before Geoff Johns came and did his thing? (I may have to ask this again at a later date in a different spot – this might not be the best place to get proper feedback)

    • I cant comment on Green Lantern before johns. I can understand how the lantern books can feel overcrowded. Thats the same reason I got outta all the batman books. Cant stand batman inc. But im loving every lantern book right now, especially corps and red.

      Just remember that they all will come together soon with the rise of the 3rd army.

    • The Lantern Universe was a dead, boring place before Geoff Johns. Of course, if you are just breaking down the stories to their most basic elements….then you shouldn’t be reading any comics….they’re ALL silly when you do that.

      In my opinion, I don’t think Johns & DC were planning on having all the color Corps around this long…..but they are so popular and sell so well, they just couldn’t get rid of them. I’m thankful for that, I love the different angles and directions that the various Corps come from and hope they stay around for at least a few more years (which they probably will, given two of GL’s four titles deal with the “other” Corps)….unless the Third Army destroys them all!

      I’m with you; INSANEINMATE, about all the Bat books.

  3. As a rule, I no longer buy any GL-related title, but I’m glad that they updated the Sapphire uniforms. This is much better than the thing Carol had to wear.

    • Why do you no longer buy any GL titles? Do you buy the straight up Green Lantern book? Trying to get a better perspective of what current or prior fans think about these titles.

    • It is overcrowded and has become too much of a WWF Battle Royale. I’m down to Red and Corps. I don’t give either title any more than the next wave. When wave 4 strikes, I think both titles will go, don’t know about the other two since I dropped them months ago. Read the last runs before the reboot. It was two titles and fun. This is nonsense. Nothing like the Blackest Night lead up and run.

    • Yeah, I’m reading Blackest Night right now, and while I dig its epicness, I think the current books would be better if they got rid of a lot of the weight that was presented before with all the different corps. I’m digging Red Lanterns, which I didn’t think I would, and the main Green Lantern book the most. But now I’m gonna go and re-read them all after I finish Blackest Night and see what I think since I’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on with these titles.

    • I’m only reading Red Lanterns and Green Lantern and I love both. I think everyone is right, the extended corps’ have gotten confusing and overwhelming. But they are detroying most of the corps. Blue Lanterns are alsmost gone, Red Lanterns are significantly smaller, Yellow Lanterns are mostly dead, and we can all see that shit is going to go down in the Green Lantern Corps. I’m guessing that The Guardians become bad guys and The New Guardians are just that. A single representative from each Corps. All corps will be smaller and more manageable. I’m just guessing here. But I’ve heard a lot of fanboys complain that its all just too massive.

    • i only read RL and GL, too and i love what’s goin’ on. if it’s overcrowded, they’re certainly doing a good job of 86in’ a metric shit ton of characters. YL have been shut down, RL are droppin’ like flies and i hear the BL aren’t doing so well, either.
      your hypotheses on the Guardians are solid.

  4. For anyone thinking about jumpin in or back, this issue was much more entertaining than any previous one. The story is starting to develop in the ways GL and corps have been running for so long.

  5. I bailed on this series and G.L.: New Guardians around issue 2 or 3. But got back on last month and picked up issues 6 to the current issue and both books have gotten a lot better to me. I really have been liking the last this book in the last 3-4 issues.

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