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Judd Winick (BATMAN: UNDER THE HOOD) returns to write the adventures of Jason Todd in this special 6-part epic exploring the lost days of this misunderstood character. Learn what secret events led Jason on his eventual path of death and destruction. Guest-starring Ra’s al Ghul and Talia with amazing artwork by Pablo Raimondi (BATTLE FOR THE COWL: THE UNDERGROUND, X-Factor).

Written by JUDD WINICK
Variant cover by BILLY TUCCI

Price: $2.99
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  1. Debating this…. I thought Winnick’s 2 issue run on Batman recently was pretty strong. 

  2. I’m really looking foreward to this. I loved Winicks batman run that reintroduced Jason Todd

  3. I miss Pablo Raimondi’s art so fricken much on X-Factor. Come to think of it, I haven’t really seen him anywhere else, either! He’s one of my favorite artists, so when it was announced that he was drawing this mini, I decided to pick it up solely for his art.


    It is a plus, however, that this mini is going to delve into what made Jason Todd a bad guy, as I think he’s one of the weakest characters in comics history (his villain days, at least). Hopefully this series will flesh him out a bit.

  4. Willing to give this a shot. The few snippets I saw of Winnick talking about the Red Hood adaption there seemed to be some coy hints that he learned his lessons on the original Red Hood story and would be working around it in future uses of the character.

  5. This was fantastic. I loved the art and finaly seeing what happened to Jason is exiting. I also like that were seeing the Talia that isn’t basically Ra’s al Ghul with breasts but that is an actual compasionate and loving person, who has been absent from Morrison’s run as of late

  6. Urg, sorry, but I completely disagree with you, mikeandzod. I thought this was absolutely ridiculous.

    Judd Winick’s "Under the Hood" story was pretty good, I liked his short run on Batman after "Reborn," and I’m looking forward to the "Under the Red Hood" movie, but I could not swallow how Talia was written in this issue. She seemed waaaay over-the-top emotionally, and Winick’s blunt force approach to showing us why she cared enough about Jason to emphatically sob over a .JPEG of him in pixie boots was impossible to swallow. Beyond that, this was also pretty familiar ground from Batman Annual #25, though I imagine it’ll progress in the next issue, which I may give a chance despite how disappointed I was in this.

  7. I liked this, plenty enough to come back for more. 

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