How did Jason Todd and Princess Koriand’r of Tamaran meet – and what has bonded them together in a way that neither could have imagined? At long last the story can be told!

It’s a scorcher!

Art and cover by KENNETH ROCAFORT

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  1. Well, well, well I will tell you this is one of those underated comics out there right now. The artwork has been very, very good and the story line and action have been perfectly timed. I hope because of the nay sayers we are not jumping into this part of the story just to satisfy them?! I think the pacing and the questions add to this title and make it mystrious as well as controversial as it should be. Think about Jason Todd and how his character has been portrayed…then add the unknowing reason behind Starfire’s memory gaps and the lack of carring about it really. I like it and I think people should have a mind and enjoy….


    • Haven’t rad it yet, but I remember Lobdell saying from the start that there would be an issue that would go back to before the 1st issue to show some background, so this isn’t just to quiet the complainer.

      It wouldn’t help anyway, because from what a lot of them have said, they haven’t read anything past the first issue and base all of their current opinions on reviews and what they hear on the internet.

      They might be afraid that if they actually read the comic they would find out they were wrong in the first place. It’s easier to complain and argue about something when you still think you’re correct by ignoring everything that proves you wrong, like they do by not reading the comic.

    • wiski-like the Great Allen avatar!! You are probably right I do recall now that there was something mentioned to that fact. Also; those people like you have stated should really give it another try and this sounds like the place to begin. As for those of us that have been here since issue #1 I guess we have been very open minded.


  2. I just love this series more and more with each new issue.

  3. I came really close to dropping this this week. I saw it on my list and I’m trying to get my weekly pulls to under 10 and I started thinking about it. I have no real connection to any of the characters and for some reason I have problems remembering where the last issue left off when I pick it up again each month.

    Then I read it this month and felt stupid for even considering dropping it. If for no other reason than the art alone, this book is worth 2.99 price. For some reason I keep forgetting how much I absolutely love Rocafort’s work, probably because I tend to enjoy more simple/minimalist styles, but love it I do. The layouts are underrated too I think.

    Still, it didn’t account for my not having any real connection to the characters in the book, but I figure thats not really a bad thing. I’m forming a connection with them right now.

    I love it. I will not be dropping it.

  4. This comic is awful. I have no idea why I even keep reading it. They should rename it ‘Two Jerks and an Outer-space Sex Zombie’. I have no idea why the other commenters are praising the art. It’s a passable DC house style, but not worth picking up just for the art. Besides my problems with the characterization in this series, this issue is extremely light on story. Does it really require 20 pages to show Jason Todd waking up on a desert island with Starfire and finding Nightwing’s old clothes? It’s just awful.

    • Hi troll. How is Rocafort’s art “DC house style” when there are no other DC artists who have the a similar style and the only DC books Rocafort has worked on are a few issues of Action Comics and Red Hood and the Outlaws, while he has also drawn for Marvel, Nifty Comics and for 5 different Top Cow series?

    • Two Jerks and an Outer-space Sex Zombie is what I’m buying it for. Love this book.

  5. I thought Josh Williamson was a big improvement over Lobdell, if he was on the series full-time I could see it becoming a fun, less offensive book.

  6. This almost should have been a first issue though I understand why they waited to build a little intrigue for this. I have been wondering why Red Hood started wearing a bat logo and this book had a really satisfying answer.

  7. I love this book! Wow, the artwork is awesome and outside of the overly sexual first issue, this book has made me really like Starfire.

    I don’t read Batman and Robin, I am no longer reading Nightwing and I am putting Teen Titans on notice… be good or it is dropped. Prior to 10 issues into the new 52 and I might be calling myself a Jason Todd fan. Can he really be my favorite Robin? Scary thought. I know my logic isn’t sound but it is funny that out of the 4 Robins he is the one I most care about today.

  8. Well it dropped slightly for me, this has been getting a 5 rating since issue #1 this one falls slightly short of that and gave it a 4 this time. I agree with most everyone on the artwork which has stayed consistently wonderful from issue to issue however; this issue was the story. Not trying to sound stupid but, I got lost in this issue, a lot of jumping around which usually I am very good with following. I think I get most of it however; I think I will have to read it again tonight which does not really bother me since it is very nice to look at. I think Starfire was with Dick before and had costumes on her ship from her past with him, right? Jason is stranded and resqued by her and there we have it right? So we are still a little in the dark on how, where and when she meet Dick right? Anyway, I will re-read it tonight and I am sure it will make more sense, still gave it a 4 and still consider it one of DC’s best!!


  9. Rocafort’s art is still incredible. This one’s a character building issue. It answers some questions, poses a few more, and fills in some of the backstory of the bat-verse that we haven’t found out yet in the other Batman titles.

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