• Red Hood and Red Robin team up against The Joker!

• Teen Titans vs. The Outlaws!

Story by Scott Lobdell
Art by Timothy Green III
Cover by Greg Capullo

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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I’ve surprisingly been liking this series, even though I don’t think it’s really very good (if that makes any sense). But I just rewatched the Under the Hood animated movie and remembered how good a villain/anti-hero Red Hood was pre-New 52. I’m really hoping this Death of the Family arc returns Red Hood to that status a little more, I think he belongs in opposition to the Bat family, not on the same side as them.

  2. I hate She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and how the writers have portrayed her alien psyche. I don’t like Jason Todd and I could go either way on Arsenal. I bought the first TPB and really wasn’t that impressed… Yet, I want to buy this comic. I want to see what the Joker has in store for the man he murdered all those years ago… Does that make me a bad person? Plus, Drake is in this comic, so it can’t all be bad, right?

  3. Jason Todd has always been my favorite Robin. The bad one the one to really challenge Bruce’s ways and as Red Hood I like him as well. I really enjoyed parts of the first arc but anytime the writer turned the focus to Kori it felt off. Jason and Roy kinda work well together and I could really enjoy a DETAILED back story of how they began working together. Back to this issue it was good worked well in this event but could have been all Joker Red Hood without the Outlaws or Titans

  4. I hope this story does have real ties to the original “Death in the Family”. Last issue left some evidence at the end (#14), we will see.

  5. A decided 3 star comic. Not the best, not the worst. I liked how Starfire isn’t as… Alien, as she was in the past. This comic almost makes me want to see where that character growth came from (I’ve only read the TPB).

  6. I really liked this. Can’t wait to read the next part in Teen Titans #15. I still really love the humor in this title. Always makes me laugh.

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