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  1. This is the only book to ever come out with the Omega Men that has been able to hold my attention. I had originally stopped reading Birds of Prey when Simone left and Bedard took over, but after reading these Rebel issues I may have to go back and give it a chance.

  2. It’s a shame more people aren’t picking this up.  So far it’s been really good.

  3. I may pick this up if my LCS has #1 and #2. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, especially from Sal and Tom at Around Comics.

  4. cautiously optimistic. i thought issue one was a fluke, but 2 was just as fun. if you’re on the fence, check it out!

  5. This has been a great surprise outta nowhere . I read no previews, nor heard of this series prior to the first week it came out. Picked it up and it’s been great.

  6. Just bought #’s 1-3 online yesterday. Im going crazy waiting for them to get to me. Is this book really that good? I also heard them singing the praises of this book on A.C. & also 11’oclock. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

  7. Wow, am I glad I jumped on board this book. Just a fun sci-fi romp with outstanding art. I also enjoyed Green Lantern Corps this week, but the art on this sealed the deal for making it my POW.

  8. Seems to me there is a lot of effort going into the Cosmic DC books that is being overshadowed by the event titles. IMO this buck really gives a lot for the dollars spent. I am really hoping to see this group interact with the rest of the cosmic cast of the DCU.

  9. This book was my pick of the week. I really love everything going on in this title. Brainic 2’s has best dialogue. He is such a jerk.

  10. @ captain sweatpants – OMG, if multi-colored lanterns showed up in this book, i would lose my shit. i couldn’t see that happening, but if it did…

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