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  1. This looks a bit like a suck-in issue. My guess is a couple of short stories providing updates on selected characters to be featured in upcoming books. Still, since it’s Abnett/Lanning, I’ll shell out the bucks.

  2. can’t help but dish out the cash for dna

  3. Yeah, I’m an absolute sucker for the current Marvel cosmic stuff.  Just excellent fun adventure, plus it’s fun to see DnA make good use of all of the alien cultures that are otherwise so frequently shunted to the side.

  4. Better than I expected, although I’m not sure why I had low expectations in the first place!

  5. Very cool Quasar story, with a twist.

  6. loved it!

  7. Excellent start.  At some point I hope DnA start to incorporate some of the cosmic entities.  I would love to see their take on the Celestials and Eternity just to name a couple…

  8. I loved it too. I really did not expect a Wendell Vaughan story. Was a big Quasar fan back in the early ’90’s. Love the way that DnA have updated the character to fit their update of the Starlin Marvel cosmic universe.

  9. i enjoyed this …

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