Meet a new monster for a new age, and a challenger to the warring Kings of the Cosmos…he is Hiro-Kala, SON OF HULK, and this young apocalyptic visionary has a destructive destiny: obliterate the Universe! This monsterous Son of Hulk has been abducted to Jarella’s sub-atomic world deep in the Microverse, where his father once found love and acceptance. Now he must battle an invasion force of murderous aliens…even if it means unlocking a new, horrifying power within him that can never be controlled. Book one of “THE CONQUEST OF JARELLA’S WORLD”, a mind-breaking adventure from critically acclaimed writer, Scott Reed.

WRITER: Scott Reed
COVER BY: Alex Garner

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. Ugh, someone got Son of Hulk in my Realm of Kings. Going to have to flip through this one to see if its a buy or a blatant crossover cash in like the War of Kings Sakaar or Skaar or whatever book was.

  2. When Jenkins was on Son of Hulk it was good.  I hope this is just as good.  I’ll pick it up and give this a shot.

  3. Just what the world needs: ANOTHER Hulk family member!


    BUT it has Commender Rann and Marionette of Mirconauts fame so I feel I must purchase. Hopefully no-one will get Fall of the Hulks in my Realm of Kings.

  4. I dropped Son of Hulk when I dropped the rest of the Hulk books before Fall of the Hulks began. I kinda miss this title though, so maybe this will be my way back.

  5. The fact that Marvel decided to not even include this on the RoK checklist leads me to believe that it really won’t matter.

  6. Scott Reed’s the =Overman= is a masterpiece. One of the most fun and intelligent read in my life. I can’t wait to read his Hiro-Kala.

  7. Scott Reed’s writing is perfect for the Marvel cosmic. A great addition to DnA’s already epic story. I hope Reed gets a cosmic ongoing after this mini.

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