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  1. Thought it said "the Imperial Guard, is the ultimate lawl.

    Really tempted to pick this up, although I’m not a big fan of minis especially with that price tag.

  2. Abnett & Lanning? SOLD


    much <3 

  3. Yeah, I’m trying not to buy $3.99 minis anymore. Still, I have been enjoying this overall story. Probably just get the trade.


  4. Fuck 3.99s!

  5. I don’t know if I’m in it for all the Realm of Kings stuff but I’d rather read this than the Inhuman stuff. Majestor Kallark!!!

  6. I’m trying to trade wait on $3.99 books as well, but FUCK I can’t say no to DnA.

  7. Long live Talon! I love Gladiator, but I can’t stand most of the Gardsmen. The last page is wicked awesomeness and made me fall in love with this series.

  8. Yeah, I don’t have any attachment to any of the characters other than Gladiator, hopefully this mini will change that. Thank god the Starjammers are involved, hopefully Alex and Lorna will come into play.

  9. Wasn’t into this until the end with the StarJammers.  If they’re involved I’ll continue.

  10. I really dug this – maybe because I am re-reading Claremont’s Uncanny run at present or maybe because I enjoy imperial politics of any sort.  Not knowing the characters in depth actually made it more interesting.  I don’t think I would have the patience for a regular Marvel space series, although I have heard great things about both Nova and Guardians, but I have been hooked into the minis since Annihilation.  Part of the fun is focusing on all the different aspects of the Cosmic Marvel U in depth but for a limited period of time so as not to completely sap the story potential.  I hope at some point (in a future storyline) they get the Celestials and other cosmic entities involved.  Keep it up.

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