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According to underworld legend, the Rat Catcher is a peerless assassin who specializes in silencing mob snitches. There’s just one problem – he doesn’t exist. At least, not according to the U.S. Marshals who oversee the Witness Protection Program…

Now there’s a pile of dead bodies in a burning safe house outside El Paso. The Rat Catcher has finally slipped up, and a washed-up FBI agent has one last chance to hunt him down before he disappears forever. But as the two master manhunters spiral in towards each other in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, each of them hides a secret from the other – secrets that could destroy them both.

New York Times best-selling author Andy Diggle (THE LOSERS, Daredevil) partners with future superstar Victor Iba

Written by ANDY DIGGLE

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  1. I read the preview of this in the back of a couple of books I read recently and it looks bad ass.

  2. I really want this, but not in hardcover… wish they would release the standard trade paperbacks earlier

  3. Yeah, the preview had me hooked too.  But Diggle alone is enough to get me interested.

  4. Im intrigued but I think Ill wait for the response first. I love Brubaker’s crime stuff and would love it if this rocked but I can’t take a chance on it day one. 

  5. After reading his mediocre work at Marvel I’m so glad for this. Diggle needs a serious kick up the ass. He hasn’t written anything near the quality of The Losers or his Hellblazer run in years (or if he has, I haven’t read it). Hopefully a creator owned work will be more refreshing, both for him and the reader, after a couple of years of so-so superhero stuff.

  6. Best Vertigo Crime OGN yet as well as the best thing Diggle’s done since Hellblazer.  I just think he’s not meant for superheroes, as his Batman Confidential arc also sucked and Green Arrow Year One while awesome, wasn’t really a superhero book, so I think non-superhero stuff or superheroes in a more grounded world might be better suited for him.  I hope we see him again in Vertigo or Vertigo Crime.

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