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RASL receives some disturbing information about the Tesla-based project he helped to develop codenamed St George. With all of his options exhausted, RASL launches an attack on his former employers.

By Jeff Smith

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  1. Awesome, I was wondering when this was going to come out again.

  2. I bought the pocketbook last week, and now I’m all kinds of torn about whether or not I want to start buying it in issues…

  3. This book has the uncanny ability to come out just when you start wondering where the hell it is. I love this book.

  4. I love this in issues. I think I say that every time it comes out.

  5. I love this book no less, but this issue felt about 8 pages long. Is it just me?

  6. I love this series, but this issue did seem a bit short.

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