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Time is running out for Rasl, the world’s first inter-dimensional art thief. He must surrender his secrets or spend eternity chasing the lizard-faced killer through parallel worlds trying to save the people he loves. Rasl returns to his craft of stealing the world’s most valuable paintings when he needs funds for his plans to thwart the Lizard Faced Man.

By Jeff Smith

Price: $3.50
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Finally.  To think that the last issue came out in July!

  2. I’m so ok with this only coming out every couple months. 3.50 4 times a year = $14. perfectly fine with this. Don’t mind late booms at all…except cap: reborn.

  3. couple months, sure, but 6 months?  Damn.  Aside from that, this is a great comic book.

  4. I got the 1-5 pack though DCBS and I can’t wait for this

  5. This is so good.

  6. RASL!

  7. Anyone else seen the giants trades for this?  I saw one in my LCS a couple weeks ago and was a little sad that I couldn’t think of a good excuse to buy it.

  8. The large sized-trade is well worth the  money. Anyone else feel like this issue was just one large re-cap? Maybe I have a memory block, and i need to re-read all the issues over again, but I would swear we already covered all this.

  9. I believe the seeming rehash will be explained in the next issue, possibly as a part of a larger plan.  Incidently I only gave this a 4/5 bbgecause we just didnt have as much forward progression of the story as I wanted (especially with such a long wait between 5 and 6). 

    Also, bought the harcover for myself around x-mas…simply glorious.

  10. Artwork seemed a little lacking this time around.  Still good, but it looked a little hurried. 

    I never thought I’d like this series this much.  I was a little skeptical when I found #1-3 in a set at one of my LCS’s last year, but I’m very glad I dove in.  It was my first experience with Jeff Smith, and since then I’m kind of working backward.  I just picked up his Shazam! book, and plan to save the best for last with BONE: One Volume Edition.  I hope RASL is published for years to come.  

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