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RASL #15

The end of RASL is upon us! All of your questions will be answered in this action-packed, nail-biting final issue!

By Jeff Smith & Steve Hamaker

Price: $4.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.5%
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Last issue right? I think in the future people will look back on this and realise it was one of the best comics of the last ten years. The scheduling killed it, but the collected editions will keep it alive.

  2. Yeah, sad to see the end of this. Look forward to his next comic though.

  3. I got tired of having those “justified tv series’ endings, where I was.. no don’t end it, I want more! I love this book, in a Brainstorm / Altered States way. It seems the world is ready for this sort of story telling (see Manhattan Projects Saga).

    Maybe it is the fact that it is self published… or that it is not an Image book with this subject matter, or maybe the earlier commentators were correct and scheduling is to blame. No matter what, this has been a brilliant and captivating ride and different from BONE (which I absolutely adore and would love to see get the Animated Avatar treatment someday)

    I have been purchasing all the issues when they came out just to have 4 -5 to run through in one sitting. When I got news that it was winding down, I knew what I must and will do. This weekend, over some scotch in what I hope / promises to be a rain soaked couple of days, I will start at issue 1 and enjoy the gestalt that is RASL.

    Thank you yet again Mr. Smith

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