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  1. Wolverine is always awesome he was one of the Marvel Superheroes that has put the Marvel Universe on top of the food chain his story line was awesome and a lot of comic book fans like me recognized him as one of the Greatest Comic Book Superhero ever created and I’am willing to add this comic book to my collection.

  2. My favorite Wolverine is the Marvel Comics version of Wolverine with the claws that go snikt and in the cartoon cause when sometimes the X-Men he leads and at sometimes he doesn’t and fights the Hulk I like that I can get Wolverine in 42 books a month because there are comics out there that Wolverine is not in for people that don’t want Wolverine I think they call those DC comics but I am not sure because Captain America and Daredevil aren’t in there either I think that I might pick up this comic though because Wolverine is in it.

  3. @Noto  I love that comment, it’s like a prose poem.

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