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Rachel Beck was murdered yesterday. Today she’s back from the grave and looking for her killer. The problem is, death zaps the memory bank pretty hard. So now Rachel will have to investigate her own murder!

By Terry Moore

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  1. Very interesting first issue, excited to see where this is going.

  2. Same here.

  3. I freakin’ love Terry Moore. Cannot wait to read this.

    • I know is crazy but this the first thing I’ve read by him. Other recommendations??

    • Strangers in Paradise is probably his magnum opus. It’s not supernatural or much action, but more of a look at the lives of two best friends and an epic love triangle. If you want something shorter, I’d definitely read Echo with all it’s sci-fi goodness. Both actually tie together peripherally. I’ve got a feeling this one will tie into the others as well in some way.

    • Echo is fantastic. You might want to start with that one because its a shorter (read: affordable) run. From there…. on to SIP.

  4. This was my POTW, can’t wait to see where this book is going.

  5. I really liked this issue but the way it started and issue #1 left off made me feel like something was missing or off. I’m hoping this was intentional and will make sense later. This issue definitely upped the ante and further hooked me in. Gotta love Terry Moore.

  6. This is the first Terry Moore book I’ve picked up and I love it. This was my pick of the week. Really loved the panel of the little girl taking another drink of her juice box after what happens.

  7. Creepy as hell, really enjoyed it. It’s great to see another side of Terry’s writing. Pick of the week!

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