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Lilith, the first woman to ever walk the earth, has a vendetta against the modern town of Manson. With the help of two 300-year old witches, she plans to annihilate the town and its people. The only thing standing in her way is Rachel, a woman who cannot die.

What happens next is horrifying in the latest issue of Terry Moore’s critically acclaimed series.

By Terry Moore

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  1. This book is definitely nearing the finale. Terry Moore certainly packed a great deal into these 15 issues!

  2. Rachel Rising is one of the best books out there right now, I think. Underrated, unfortunately.

    • Totally agreed. I am constantly shocked their aren’t more people reading this. Moore sadly seems to fly under the radar a lot. Too bad because people are missing great comics!

    • thats mostly because of the terribad nature of the direct market. He’s a self publisher, so he’s not going in the front half of Previews, so if the retailer isnt savvy and doesnt know who to market it to, they wont bother ordering it, and then because its not on the shelves people wont notice it and check it out. viscious cycle.

    • I have to agree. It’s not getting a lot of love or attention with the iFanbase.

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