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Rachel discovers the terrible truth about Jet and an ancient demon named Malus. Can she stop Malus without destroying her best friend? Maybe not!

No one is safe in this critically acclaimed horror series from Terry Moore.

By Terry Moore

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Kzinti02/06/13NoRead Review
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  1. Did anyone else get this last week?

  2. I did, and that last page made me go, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooooooo

    • I was actually kind of lost with this issue. I think I need to go back a couple issues and reread the last arc. I am forgetting who some of the characters are and their connections to each other. Who was that woman at the end Rachel was talking to in front of the hospital? The one who scared Zoe.

  3. I love these stories. This is a great read. I usually reread the issues before because I know how Terry Moore likes to drop hints about what comes next!

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