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Rachel wakes up at sunrise on a shallow grave in the woods and discovers the freshly murdered body in the dirt is her own. With events of the previous night a blur, Rachel seeks out her boyfriend Phillip. But Phillip has a new girl now and Rachel is beginning to suspect she rose from the grave for a reason–revenge!

Don’t miss the Premier Issue of this haunting new series by Eisner and Harvey Award-winning creator Terry Moore!

By Terry Moore

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  1. Loved Echo and cannot wait to see Moore’s look at the supernatural after his romp in sci-fi.  Cannot freakin’ wait!

  2. what a work-a-holic, echo finished pretty recently!

  3. I haven’t read any of Terry Moore works, but I hear such great stuff about him, I’ll give this a shot.

  4. I read the first volume of Strangers in Paradise, and I wasn’t blown away, but I enjoyed it and giving this a try.

  5. I did like how Moore put out that comic-ish book on how he draws women.
    Makes me wish more artist would do something like that.

  6. If my store happens to have this im gonna give it a try

  7. I’m currently waiting for my Echo complete HC to arrive in the mail.  I’m going to support this book in monthlies this time.

  8. This will be my first look at Terry Moore’s work so I hope it lives up to his hype

  9. I think I’m gonna trade wait this time around.

  10. How many issues is this series?

  11. @kennyg  It’s ongoing currently.  Granted, I think it’ll last about as long as Echo.  I think I heard in an interview that he’s trying his hand at various genres in his Terry-verse.

  12. At his panel, Terry Moore said he wanted this book to creep you out.  He said he wanted it to be more like a Hitchcock or David Lynch flick than a slasher movie, and he mentioned that he was inspired by the opening scene in The Exorcist (the creepy scene in Iraq, which just gave you the feeling that something bad was coming).  He sold me.

  13. That description sounds awesome. I may need to buy this.

  14. I’ve only ever read the first trade on Stranger in paradise – it was pretty, pretty, PRETTY bad.

    maybe this will be better

  15. Im going to give this a few more issues, it might grow on me. I enjoyed the art but the story didnt do anything for me.

  16. I loved this issue. In fact I loved all my books this week. The art was amazing, and i think the fact theat the first half was silent just added to the awesomness of the art.

  17. @Edward & @mrfrost The first trade of Strangers in Paradise isn’t that great, the next few are much better, particularly the the second one.  I’m getting this, but I was slightly disappointed by the last couple of issues of Echo.

  18. I don’t get it. Did I have a page missing? Is the last page the lady saying “you’re not rachel”?

  19. @AmirCat  
    That was the last page in my copy too.

  20. I think it’s 18 pages of black and white story. Steep for $4 even if it were color. Not that it wasn’t good but creator owned books usually throw some back matter your way

  21. @nathematics  
    Yeah, it was pretty damn steep. And the paper/cover stock felt cheap as well.

  22. @RickyStardust  @AmirCat  @mrfrost  @nathematics  @NawidA  i am really pissed $3.99 this is pure bullshit 16 pages of story im pissed i wanted to rip the comic in half

  23. @mrfrost  you must be rich not caring about $3.99 for 16 pages

  24. @rottenjorge  
    Yes, the price was high. Yes, I wish it was lower.  I just really enjoyed the issue.  I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

  25. @mrfrost  because im pissed normally indies are 2.99 maybe 3.50 when thier 3.99 with as much story as FELL then we got a problem

  26. @NawidA  thank you it was steep

  27. I tohught this was just okay.  A bit slow and light.  Also, does anyone else think that all of Moore’s female characters are starting to look exactly the same?  If there is more than one blonde one I can rarely tell the difference between who I’m looking at.  I want to like this so I’m going to give it a couple of issues but I’m considering jumping to trades.

  28. @RickyStardust  idk im giving this another chance if he lowers the price to $2.99 it was ok

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