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  1. delayed by months, but totally worth the wait.

  2. Seriously, these Q&C Definitives by Oni are AWESOME.

  3. Last one

    so sad


  4. There is always the novels! Though I have to admit, the chances of a Q&C Vol. 2 anytime soon is pretty laughable.

  5. I got the novels just need find time to read them.

  6. There is going to be a Q&C Vol 2 Oni talked about it at Wondercon.  It will be happening sometime next year and will be in Color.

  7. Always the best 20$ I will spend on a book.

  8. Avatar photo Cotton (@LogFlume) says:

    in the meantime, you can always watch episodes of The Sandbaggers to tide you over.

  9. @Cotton – Just finished Sandbaggers: Series One last week, and no doubt is Paul Crocker lifted straight out of Neil Burnside’s three piece suit.  Though production quality is quite poor, it has to be some of the best dialogue I’ve ever seen in a television show.  

  10. I really need to track down that show.  Loved this book, excited for more Q&C!

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