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  1. Wow, this is the final issue I wonder how it’s all going to play out???

  2. Final issue and it blows my mind that so few people picked this up. Make sure you pick up the trades people, this title deserves the recognition!

  3. Far and away one of the best series of 2012! Can’t wait for the final issue!

  4. I think this would have benefited if instead it was a maxi series something like 12 issues, the fact that they jam packed alot of plot and span of time within the last couple of issues was my only complaint with this mini series.

    • I agree here, I think a metaphor is required. In the first three issues PRJ jogged, then realizing it was far behind switched to a full on sprint which lead to a minor heart attack in the final lap, leading to PRJ pulling itself across the finish line.

  5. I greatly enjoyed 1-3 but the last two were a bit suffocating with all the angst and preachy-ness. Hope it ends decently.

    • Totally agreed. This series kind of went off the rails in the last two issues. Way to preachy and the representation of punk rock is grossly inaccurate and borderline offensive to a life long punk like myself.

    • I agree with you guys about going from really good to super preachy, I still picked it up and I’m starting to read it right now let’s hop[e #6 gets it back up to a level that it used to be at.

    • I was impressed with Sean Murphy’s ability to present a great concept with believable viewpoints, and then not.

    • @ USPUNX, I thought this was a great characterization of what young impressionable kids THINK punk is about. At first it’s all middle fingers, mohawks, and mosh pits. With no real concept of what they are really trying to say, or what the consequences may be. While it seemed like Chris understood he could use his mic to expose the J2 controversies, he defintely underestimated the consequences of his actions. Plus with the parallels to the “Real” Jesus, this was a cool way for Chris to go against the grain, and buck the social norms like JC did in his time. It was just exaggerated for effect, much like the Christians and media in the book.

      I thought this was a fantastic showcase of Sean Murphy’s talent as a storyteller. We all knew he could draw the shit out of any book, but now we also see that he can craft a pretty engaging and imaginative story too.

  6. It was an ambitious concept and while it wasn’t perfect at all times, it was still freaking fantastic. A must read and I’ll be buying the trade for some friends too.

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