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Chris and his band The Flak Jackets go on tour to spread his secular message across America. But his band wants to pull out when the conflict between the New American Christians and the punk army gets brutal. Will Chris be able to put a stop to the anarchy before everything ends in a violently horrible Second Coming?

Written by Sean Murphy
Art by Sean Murphy
Cover by Sean Murphy

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  1. I wish we could hear some of PRJ’s music …

  2. This series has had such great momentum. I wasn’t a huge fan of issue 1 but each issue has been better than the last and this has gone from a book I thought was only okay to being one of my favorite books each month. Each subsequent issue does such a wonderful job of raising the stakes from the previous while also adding depth to the plot and characters, this is what a mini should feel like.

  3. Man, this is nearly over & it just feels like there should be more……

  4. Sean Murphy has done a fantastic job with this series!

  5. This series just keeps building and building. I honestly feel like I’m reading a ticking time bomb.

    Immense storytelling.

  6. the art in this issue was probably the best of the series yet and the story has been still very enjoyable, my only complaint about this issue and this series overall is that it really would have been better if they made this longer, every issue especially this one has been very dense and seems like they are being forced to pack alot into them.

  7. It wasn’t the most exciting issue in the series, but you could almost feel the players move into place for the final issue. I cannot wait to see how it ends and at the same time it’s one of those series I could read for years.

  8. As someone who has listened to punk for almost 20 years and has been an active part of the culture since I was 14, this issue was terrible. It’s the issue I have been dreading since first picking up the series. People who don’t understand the culture try to throw “punk rock” into things and its always very obvious they are out of their element. The aesthetic was completely outdated, especially cnsidering this takes place in the future, and stereotypical. The bands members are all stereotypes. The loudmouth bass player (Sid Vicious, Paul Simonon), the enigmatic guitar player (Mick Jones, Greg Ginn), the intelligent and confrontational lead singer (Jello Biafra and Greg Graffin). Sean Murphy might listen to punk but its clear from this issue he doesn’t understand the music or the culture. I’ve really been enjoying the series so I hope the last issue is as good as the rest has been and this issue was just an oddity.

    • I agree that punk is misrepresented here, but I saw it as misrepresentation on the part of the characters, not Sean Murphy. The America of PRJ has become so conservative that this is the last punk band, so presumably the larger punk culture has been absent for a lot of people, these kids included. Chris and the band are playing into the stereotypes of punk because they’ve really only experienced it second-hand, through records and photos.

      So for me, it works.

    • @ken: I thought about that as well. Perhaps the stereotypical representation of punk was intentional because so many people have no clue what it’s really about. But I’m not sure that was the case here. This felt to me like the same kind of “punk” I saw in the Spike Lee film Summer of Sam. That was by far the worst representation of punk I have EVER seen and though this wasn’t that bad it did have that same feel.

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