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  1. Weird cover.

  2. All of these covers have been weird/unimpressive other than the John Romita Jr #1 variant cover.

  3. Are we still talking about the covers? This has been my sleeper favorite comic for the last two months

  4. The cover makes sense withiin the context of the story.  Ma Nucci is either escaping or being pulled back into hell.  We’ll see.

  5. I thought paranormal Punisher was a thing of the past?

  6. Ennis made mention of it in the first issue of Welcome Back Frank so it makes sense he would reference it again. The cover could also be symbolic and there could be no demons at all in the book.


  7. Preacher much? This looks like Jesses grandmother getting blasted to the moon again.

  8. @JJ: They never said it didn’t happen, they just pushed past it.

  9. Maybe this cover is from the point of view of the still doped up and hallucinating Schitti.

  10. @ Ruo21 – i love Steve Dillon’s art…but everything ive seen him do recently basically the same look. Flip through a Wolverine Origins next time your at you LCS and you can spot, Tulip, Star, Jesse, the whole gang =P

  11. I’ve enjoyed this series. Glad to see Marvel jumping on the weekly bandwagon too. And (for the most part) making it work.

  12. @JumpingJupiter… I would be insanely suprised if this cover means anything remotely paranormal is gonna happen… I’m pretty sure RoiVampire is right about it being symbolic, not literal…. but there still seem to be a bunch of Ma clones… so I guess, who the fuck knows?

  13. Part 5 of 6 is the conclusion? Huh?

    Even though this isn’t he Punisher I love (Ennis’ MAX version) it’s been a fun story so far, & a nice throw back to the Marvel Knights Punisher. 

  14. the cover is also a reference to the Welcome Back, Franks arc.

     Remember He did kick the bitch into a burning house

  15. How everyone seems to only talk about the covers and not the awsome story? I’ve liked the covers BTW.

  16. "So, you ever been in a firefight with a lesbian before?"


  17. @WadeWilson   nomination for best line of the year has begun

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