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The untold origin of the Punisher continues. Once upon a time, Frank Castle was just a regular guy, with a steady job and a loving family.

A guy just trying to stay out of trouble and make his way. But Nick Fury had other ideas…

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Steve Dillon
Cover by Dave Johnson

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. Can’t wait. This team is absolutely wonderful.

  2. Nick Fury had other ideas? interesting…

  3. I wondered if that was him at the end of the last issue but all of Dillon’s dudes look so similar so I didn’t know if it was Fury or someone else tht happened to be wearing an eyepatch.

  4. Oh, Nick Fury. You scamp, you.

  5. @DarthDuck  That was definitely Nick Fury.

  6. I. Love. This. Book.

  7. I just read 1 to 13 of this over the weekend and am at a loss to explain why I didn’t read them before. It was amazing. I am so on board for this from here on. At first I thought he was just channeling Garth Ennis but now I think it’s something else something very new and interesting

  8. @PaulSharkey  Agreed. Aaron is definitely honoring Ennis’ run but he is also doing his own thing. I’ve been digging it.

  9. I am loving this title as always. Steve Dillon is the man.

  10. Yup, Steve Dillion IS the man.

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