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  1. I love Jason Pearson!

  2. Remender writing spider-man? yes please.

  3. I’m picking this up purely based on the Remender talksplode.  I think that man sold me a broken-down ’93 Honda Civic a few years ago

  4. If that cover is any indication, I don’t like the art.

  5. This is currently my favorite Marvel book…by far. Remender is the best thing to happen to Marvel in a long time.

  6. Loved the first arc but didn’t really enjoy the last arc, so I may hold off on punisher at least until Tony Moore comes aboard. 

  7. Wow, this sounds/looks great.

  8. I dropped the Punisher after Tan Eng Huat took over on art but the annual looks good and I’ve enjoyed Pearson’s DP covers, so I’ll pick this up.

  9. Pearson rocks.

  10. This was a fun issue. I like the way Pearson draws Spidey. Glad I bought it

  11. This was great, alot of fun. Loved the art. And the opening scene was one of the
    ost disturbing things I’ve read in awhile

  12. When I saw the cover, I figured I wouldn’t like it.  But the art grew on me quickly.

  13. I will give this the next issue and The List issue and if it doesn’t get better dropped.

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