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  1. guaranteed to astonish?  is that a hint?

  2. Not that it will ever happen, but this book deserves an Eisner. I’m sure I’m alone in that opinion, but screw it. Remender is kicking ass with this title.

  3. @J4K3   Dude this is probably up there with Iron Man and Spidey as my favorite books right now. it’s so good it hurts

  4. I’m enjoying the story, not a big fan of the art though, his faces seem too weird to me. Can’t wait for Frankencastle though

  5. I really can’t stand Huat’s art. the worse thing about this book right now

  6. Last issue was a little off as the art is starting to become unclear and confusing.

    Still, I’ll stick with it as it is $2.99 but hurry up Tony Moore!

  7. Is it just me or does every bystander on the street look like a ghastly otherworldy-type creature?

  8. THE kitten thing was realy screwed up

  9. Haven’t been a fan of Huat’s Punisher run so far, but in this issue his pencils are a lot more tighter. He reined in his weird faces and they look almost comprehensible. That beginning scene is unforgettable. Best issue in the storyarc so far for me.

  10. the fight scenes are really not holding me into this book.  however, the very interesting origin of Henry and Microchip’s taunting of Frank is.

  11. I miss Ennis.

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