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  1. That’s how you write a solicitation

  2. haha

  3. Brilliant. Bring it on!

  4. is this a bad place to jump on?

  5. @SteenAR: Do it!

    This sounds awesome.

  6. @SteenAR  the recap pages in this are always good so you should be fine unless you have absolutely no idea who the punisher is

  7. awesome i’ll add this one to my list! thanks guys.

  8. I’m liking the story, but I just can’t get into the art.

  9. That was seriously disapointing. What a pointless issue. The art is awful – bring on Tony Moore

  10. For the love of God, get an inker!!! His stuff looks terrible shot from the pencils!!! Why does no one see this? It was the same problem when he was on Ghost Rider!!!

  11. Very, very bad art, but I think this was a pretty great issue regardless of that. Not much to say about it, I think next issue is when things are going to really get interesting. 4/5.

  12. i really really don’t like the art but the writing is so good

  13. I’m still not sure what to make of this.

  14. I dont like the art, either.  What was with Osborn’s eyes that where just black pools?  I could swear there are two different Frank Castles in this artwork.  Sometimes the skull face and sometimes the big bruiser, lumpy chin face.  How did the fly cut the bike in two without cutting Frank in two?  

    I love Fear Agent, but the writing is just so-so.  Half the dialog sounds like it was taken from Rorshach’s journal.  

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