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  1. A fitting cover for the end of a great run. Ennis will be missed. I think I am dropping this book after this issue. Without Ennis it just won’t be the same. Plus with all the books I am now read cuz of this site something had to be sacrificed eventually. These weeks are getting expensive but I am loving reading comics more than ever before. 

  2. this has been good.  Probably will read the next couple issues after ennis to see if they are still good but he will be missed

  3. @comicdork — Ennis has two more issues after this one. Don’t drop the book yet!

    If they had "cover of the week" on this site — this would win it easily. Wow.

  4. @WadeWilson: How come the description says Ennis concludes his seminal run? Any idea what the other 2 issues are about? As long as it says Ennis on the cover I am buying.

  5. @comicdork — The description saying "Ennis concludes his seminal run" is talking about this whole last arc in general, not just this particular issue. Maybe they are wording it like that to fool people into buying a book they normally wouldn’t, thinking it’s the final issue of Garth Ennis’ run? Would Marvel do a thing like that? Hmmm … 

    The next two issues are the last two parts of this current (ass-kicking) story arc.

    Man, I’ll miss Ennis on Punisher. Since issue #1 of Punisher MAX I have looked forward to every issue more than any other book on the racks …

  6. Regarding the cover of the week idea:

    You have got to be kidding me.  Tim Bradstreet doesn’t deserve any accolades at all EVER.  So he’s good with Photoshop…whoop-de-doo.  These are the laziest covers I have ever seen, and the only caveat of the Punisher MAX line.  He would make a good colorist, but when it comes to original cover illustrations, maybe we should be giving props to someone who ACTUALLY ILLUSTRATES COVERS!  The dude’s not even a tracer; it would be more accurate to call him a filterer.  Those who have worked with Photoshop know what I’m talking about.

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