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“FRANKENCASTLE,” PART 4 Broken, savage and at his lowest, Frank Castle lurks in dark places, hunted by pitiless assassins and their mysterious leader Hellsgaard. Who is this giant skull-faced behemoth and why does he relentlessly slaughter the grotesque? Find out in this haunting tale of pulp dread painted in ghoulish detail by Eisner award winner Dan Brereton. In order to protect those who kept him alive, The Punisher is in for the bloodiest, down and dirty, gutter fight of his life — get your tickets now.

WRITER: Rick Remender
PENCILS: Daniel Brereton & Tony Moore
COVER BY: Mike McKone

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. after last issue, let’s please keep the action rolling

  2. I feel this is losing some momentum.  I know that sounds incredibly fucking stupid since last issue was totally action packed, but that little ‘continuity’ splinter in the back of my mind is making me fearful of how this will end and bring Frank back to ‘normal’.

  3. totally know what you mean

  4. This isn’t going back to normal for (hopefully) a long time.

  5. @miya that’s exactly what I’m saying.  I don’t know how it would even be possible to come back from this.

  6. I got on this story last issue. Had to track down the other issues, which wasn’t too hard. I’m really digging this story. I like seeing the old school Marvel horror characters again. I hope Frank stays like this for a while. Maybe it’ll lead to something like the Marvel cosmic books where they have a few books with a common story line. Maybe bring in more supernatural characters into the mix.

  7. This is one of Marvel’s greatest books.

  8. @vadamowens-everything is possible in the marvel U and don’t forget that the bloodstone as been in important part of this arc.

  9. @rockin I get that.  I just want to it to be as believably unbelievable as possible.  I know that makes no fucking sense, but that’s about the only way I can voice my concerns.

  10. Personally, I hope he stays Franken Castle for years. I love the league of monsters angle, its so relevant and infinitely promising story wise.

  11. I love Tony Moore. He and Remender have an evil alchemy. We’ll see if this can hold me when we move on to a new artist. Still I bought a half dozen issues of Punisher and liked them, so that is something.

  12. This was fun, but it’s not the same without as much Tony Moore art. And the origin story really disrupted the flow of the story. Still, had it’s moments. The Iron Maiden line made me chuckle.

  13. *edit previous post*

    …"legion" of monsters angle…

    Loved the origin story and the letter collum was well worth my 3$. Remender’s answer is exactly what I think. This book makes me completly forget that Doctor Voodoo’s canceled, I don’t care anymore. This book’s fucking perfect for me.

    Reading music for this issue:

    The Desiign by Into the Moat

  14. @rockin You’re not going to like this, but check out the solicits for the April and May issues of Punisher.  Seems Frank is coming back to the land of the living.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  15. @vada- yeah I know, like I said the bloodstone is very important in this story arc and I was seeing it coming. But I still have confidence that Remender’s going to make Punisher with powers awesome and fun.

  16. @vadam

    But he’s still Frankencastle in the solicits… 

  17. @miya Not in May

  18. Yeah he is. I am looking at it and he is clearly wearing the Frankencastle stitches and armor (even if the armor/gear is a bit streamlined). We got two issues of this arc left (Castle fighting the monster villain), then we get Frankencastle destroying the shit out of the villains he couldn’t hurt when he was normal powered.

  19. @miya I read the solicits.  I didn’t actually look at the picture.  He’s back to being called Frank Castle in the solicits, so I meant that "Frankencastle" was coming to an end because it would seem he’s going to be back to killing regular Punisher villians.  So I *was* correct in telling rockingeek that this current monster hunting Castle is over.

  20. LOL. There’s nothing wrong with just admitting you’re wrong.

    And Remender has been on record as saying that he wants to keep Frank like this for at least a year or two. Hopefully Marvel lets him.

  21. @drake It really isn’t an issue of pride, nor is their any need for a life lesson.  You neither know me nor my intentions, so please do not pretend to.  This conversation was aimed at my assumption about rockingeek’s post wanting a "monster hunting" Frankencastle to last a long time.  Any further info you need can be provided in my previous posts.

  22. Even funnier.

  23. I was really on board for the first part of the Frankencastle arc, but things have gotten tiresome.  I’m kind of glad things are going back to regular Punisher villains in May, or at least somewhat regular. 

  24. I’m looking at the cover for may and I’m so happy. I don’t want FrankenCastle to end.

  25. This was so great. I’d read a series or mini about Hellsgaard and Fabio fighting monsters for sure. This arc has skyrocketed my interest and love for this book, right now it’s probably my second favorite Marvel book after GotG.

  26. well I still don’t love the idea of FrankenCastle, but I did love this Hellsgaard origin tale

  27. @abirdseysview – Couldn’t agree more.  I am not really enjoying this "frankencastle" thing but I loved the origin tale.  I think I may need to just find a good book that features all of these old school type monsters but not with the Punisher.

  28. Well, that was surprisingly awesome. 

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