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  1. So I’m assuming we read this before The List?

  2. according to Remender’s Twitter thats exactly right


  3. I hope this ties in with Doctor Voodoo and that The Hood is without Dormammu.

  4. @rockingeek  I think this might take place before all that stuff in new avengers. I think this arc has only been like 2 days for frank

  5. @Roi Vampire On page 12 of doctor voodoo, in one of the "scrying stone", we can see Frank fighting the hood.

  6. @rockingeek   I guess we have to do like Ron says, and just go with it for now. Maybe Conor says that. One of them does. I is sleepy

  7. @rockinggeek, What issue does page 12 come from? I would like to pick that copy up. Thanks!

  8. @punisher I think he meant the recent number 1 issue of Doctor Voodoo that came out last month.

  9. Thanks!

  10. Good ending to the arc. Look forward to Tony Moore!

  11. Holy fuck, Frank kills his own family!

  12. I dunno which issue, this or the Dark Reign one-shot, was more fucked up. With Aaron and Dillon on the Max series, Punisher is kicking ass right now!

  13. Cool story, weak storytelling and not my kind of art.

  14. I hope Huat is off this soon, the art is horrible, and the coloring is pretty bad too

  15. TONY MOORE!!!

  16. I did not get the Remender love this series was getting until this issue. I started at the beginning of this arc and all I saw was Frank running around killing long dead C-list villains that were really giving him a hard time. Meh. But this issue was dark, twisted, and beautiful.  And then The List follow-up. Wow, indeed. I can take or leave Huat, but I thought it was the coloring (or reproduction of said coloring) that really let down the art in this issue. I fond it continually distracting. Come on Marvel. There must be a better way to check how this will look printed on the actual paper other than printing up 50,000 copies.

  17. This is the absolute worst art I’ve seen in a mainstream book this year.  Horribly dissapointing compared to how good the book was when it began. 

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