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This is it. Psylocke has cut her way through ninjas, bodyguards and super-powered assassins on her mission to exact revenge upon Matsu’o Tsurayaba. With her target in sight, there’s only one more opponent standing between her and what she wants. And it may just be the fight of her life. Don’t miss the epic conclusion of “KILL MATSU’O”, where Psylocke takes up her sword against the one man who might just give her a run for her money: WOLVERINE.

WRITER: Christopher Yost
PENCILS: Harvey Tolibao
COVER BY: David Finch

Price: $3.99
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  1. I’m really surprised at how much I have enjoyed thiis mini.  The art has really been outstanding. Really high energy.

  2. I have disliked the art with the passion of burning sun. Mostly how the figures are all (mis)drawn and evocative of what I hated from the 90s. That being said I liked last issue. Hopefully it finishes solid.

  3. It reminds me of 90’s art as well, but in a good way I guess.  I think for the most part the body types are proportionate to themselves and a least we dont have a lot of tiny heads or club feet.

  4. Chris Yost seems to be becoming the next Claremont, minus the ego. I loved his stuff on X-men: Evolution and New X-men and he didn’t dissapoint here either. I just wish it ran a little longer.

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