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  1. I bought the 1st issue really just for the Cable backup story, but Yost got me interested enough to pick up this issue.

  2. I was surprised at how good this was.  I love that they are referencing the fact that Dazz & Betts were on the team together for a good while.   I’m a sucker for any reference to the Austrailia era (my favorite X-era)

  3. I’m disappointed iFanboy decided not to post the cover of this, so I can’t point out that her ass is showing, again.

    Seriously, though, yeah, the first issue of this wasn’t that bad at all. Decent setup, and the art was neat enough.

  4. Story was ok, but the art was grating to me. I know why so many people like Psylocke and it has a lot to do with a pastry made almost entirely with cheese, but what the artist is doing to her breasts is criminal. I literally cringe during the fight scenes as these strange bags of fluid are twisted and distorted into shapes unnatural and bizarre. I swear to God, Marvel, I will still find Psylocke sexy even if you shrink her down to a D-cup and make them obey the laws of physics. Can’t we just leave her boobs alone and focus and what is important?

    Yes, I was talking about the ass.

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