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The three-armed Prophet wants Old man Prophet found. NewFather disobeys his superiors to seek out weapons needed to combat a new mysterious foe.

Story by Brandon Graham & Simon Roy
Art by Simon Roy & Giannis Milonogiannis
Cover by Aaron Conley

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.8%
Avg Rating: 4.3
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    Great series, better get an Eisner?

  2. Yes, let the insanity begin.

  3. Whew, been a long time since last issue… Love that cover!

  4. Now that we see what this story is actually becoming, I went through and reread the entire Graham series up to the current “arc” (where new father starts putting his crew together), and WOW this shit is good. I mean, I have loved it on an (almost) monthly basis, but to step back and watch it all come together was very entertaining. I could read this stuff over and over. The rotating artists work so well together, I can’t say enough about this. I’m looking forward to seeing how well the Empire holds together and how New Father ends up, Die Hard and his scale love interest and quest for humanity, on and on, so much story in these pages… Okay, favorite book (at least top 3), I’ll shut up now.

    • Yeah, this is incredible. I’m due for a reread myself. I’ll probably double-dip and get the Vol. 2 trade, so buying that would be a great excuse to go back through things.

      I’ve read the first six issues about three times. The second six issues twice. And everything since then only once. I love this in issue form but, you’re right, to step back and get a handle on just how BIG this is and to really trace how it’s all coming together is just really amazing.

      Prophet’s the most unique comic book being published today, I think. Very possibly also the best.

    • Its great to hear other people into this book, it doesn’t get enough love on iFanboy IMO. I too have reread these issues a bunch, but always in small chunks, like 3 or 4 issues at a time, but ever since Troll showed up, its like the book has taken off, so I needed to get my refresh on. I’m so happy that there are comics like this out there that totally destroy expectation and deliver intelligent, complex, action-packed yet emotional stories with beautiful, creative art. It has it all and is exceptionally crafted. I only read new issues in the morning with my first cup of coffee, I have ritualized my reading of it it is so good. THERE IS A REASON THIS IS UP FOR SO MANY EISNERS. And I agree with you, this is probably could the best book out, at least I feel that way every time I put it down. So satisfying.

    • I changed “could be” to “probably” and that’s why my comment reads like trash. With that said, fuck it, BEST BOOK. That was much easier 🙂

    • I picked up the first trade from the library, & was absolutely blown away. Then checked WAC’s & others’ comments here to see if the quality seemed to hold up. Bought issues #21-32 immediately on the high praise here & shotgunned them – which was amazing, but almost made my head explode.

      And yeah, this has SO easily been POTW for me each time it’s come out since. Thank you to the classy cats here who talked it up so much. This may very well be my favorite comic of the past decade; it’s so damn smart, intense, heartfelt & creative – every single time.

      Also led me to Multiple Warheads, King City… and yeah, I even perused a few of Graham’s *ahem* adult-comic-endeavors. Dude has almost sinlge-handedly revived for me what comics can (& should) be. … So again, thanks guys.

      (Check out his podcast interviews too. They’re all pretty great.)

    • Awww, King City…my introduction to the insanity that is Brandon Graham. I still kick myself for selling my floppies. The collection still has it all in there and is much easier to store, but damn I have an emotional attachment. Thanks for te “classy” comment (that’s a first for me). I’ve checked out some of his “older” stuff too, and its wild. Good to know I wasn’t the only one who was curious 🙂 . Never thought that sort of stuff could be so damn funny. He responded to an email of mine when King City was still coming out, and was super cool, even attached pages of Warheads way before it was finished. It’s meant a lot, and I’ve supported his work ever since. I should check out his interviews. Anybody know what Simon Roy was working on before Prophet?

  5. I haven’t read any other stuff yet this week except for this & what an immense issue, don’t give a shit about the rest!

    PICK OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!

  6. I usually just flow and have a good time with this book but ou t of nowhere it’s headed for an epic high point (the last 2 issues have done a lot of connecting threads). Can’t wait for the next issue.!! Loving the art combo and layouts…

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