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With the help of an ancient force, New father Prophet searches for a weapon to fight a deadly threat to the Empire.

Story by Brandon Graham & Simon Roy
Art by Simon Roy
Cover by Zachary Baldus

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.8%
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Wow for a book that came out consistently every month for 14 issues it suddenly halts with a 2+ month gap. Not a major complaint, I’m just so engrossed in this series I hope it picks up the momentum again.

    One of the best titles running at the moment.

    • Exactly man, this has been a wait like Nowhere Men that I don’t want to become a regular thing. Too long!

      This is an awesome series & I do hope Graham & co. do get their plaudits for it this year (“hint, hint” Eisner????!!!!)

    • Nowhere Men seems to be on another level. I’ve pretty much just accepted that its going to be a bi-monthly series. But honestly as long as the quality maintains, its worth it.

      I’d love to see Graham scoop a few Eisners but he’s definitely the outside bet.

  2. Yeah, I’ll probably need to reread the last few issues before tackling this one. It’s a dense read even when shipping on a normal schedule.

    I just love it, though. It’s constantly near the top of my list of favorite comics in any given month/quarter.

  3. Always look forward to this. This story has really started taking shape with all the storylines coming together. Has it been missed, yes? Does it bother me? Not in the least.

  4. Seems like there are enough single-issues out now… I want a fancy deluxe HC Vol 1 please 🙂

    • Image doesn’t seem to do those large hardcovers unless its a really popular series like Chew or Walking Dead. Maybe I’m wrong (and I actually hope I am) but I don’t think prophet is at that level, so it’s trades or bust.

  5. This is very, very easily my favorite book on the stands. I had to go back & count pages to make sure this issue wasn’t 36 pages (it’s not) – they pack so much story & detail into each issue. And the plot lines seem to really all be hurtling toward a central point now.

    The radio silence on Prophet over the past few months had me a bit worried, but the quality of this one made it all extremely worth the wait.

    • They accomplish with so few words what other books do in double-sized issues full of dialogue. The stark contrasts of the two storylines/ artists was overwhelmingly awesome. The comraderie and love with all the greens for Old Man Prophet vs the deep reds and violence of the Earth Empire. The page with all the Prophets attacking the tower?? I mean wow! I’m happy that you discovered this book, and that you find it so satisfying. Ive said it a few times, but Prophet really is comic book storytelling at its finest (and strangest at times). I don’t understand why more folks aren’t reading this. It’s like Star Wars (but better-go ahead and shoot me) and I know people like Star Wars.

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