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RobAbsten12/04/08NoRead Review


  1. Will be purchasing furiously.

  2. everyone should get this one – great read

  3. Just read Vol. 1 over the weekend and I am hooked!  Didn’t think that this was shipping until later in the month and thought I would try and track down the singles…guess that is a moot point now.  Yippee!

  4. This is a great fun book, and I am not just saying that because Rossmo works at my local comic book store (but then again I probably wouldn’t have picked it up in the first place if he didn’t).  Hooked.

  5. I read Vol. 1 over Thanksgiving, so it is exciting that this comes out a mere week later. Very cool book.

  6. I think anyone reading this in trade should jump to issues now. I’m sure the few between this and current won’t be too hard to find. DO IT.

  7. I just picked it up, but havent cracked into it yet.  The first trade was Great

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