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  1. Im ready for the brutal Proof of what John Proofrock is capable of

  2. I say just as Gil gets the gun, John is already ripping that guy apart piece by piece.

  3. End of the last issue was pretty messed up. Here’s hoping that dude gets what’s coming to him.

  4. It seems like this has been a 3 issue conclusion

  5. Probably my most anticipated book this week. Also hoping to see what’s-his-face die an ugly and violent death at the hands of Proof and/or Gil.

  6. Well, Lent definitely got his just desserts. Damn. Pretty cringe-inducing, even though the bastard deserved it.

  7. @Paradiddle-Yeah, I had trouble with the intestine scenes.

    Great way to cap off the arc.  And I very much enjoyed the biography in the back.  Can’t wait for the next arc 

  8. This arc sort of dragged for me.  Then they gave us the intestine crank and I realized that this is still one of my favorite ongoings.

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