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  1. WOW – this is another great issue of Proof (I think I start off every month saying that phrase… and for good reason).  We know very little about Proof’s background to this point other than what we learned in Monster Pileup and a few tidbits dropped here and there so this issue is a treat.  

    Seeing Proof in a 19th century circus seems to make all of the sense in the world to me.  I was however shocked to see some other familiar faces there.  Mi-Po Chen and Dover Demon (or was it another demon?).  I always thought of Dover Demon as a he but maybe he is a she.  Regardless we are seeing some familiar faces showing a lot of history together and therefore they are going to have a lot more feeling and emotion towards each other moving forward.  

    Springheel Jack is one bad mo fo that is fo sho (I shouldn’t try to talk like that).  Riley’s interpretation of the character is a bizarre and scary depiction of a truly insane killer.  Seeing how Thomas treats Julia and Proof’s admiration for her sure tugs at the heart strings in a weird sort of way (Bigfoot, the Bearded Lady and a circus owner… even Jerry Spring couldn’t top that love triangle).  

    There is a lot going on in this issue and I can only imagine that I will find more with the next reading.  This is a great jumping on point for a new reader and an even bigger treat for us long-time fans of the book.  

    Congratulations to Alex for finally getting to tell the story that he has wanted to write for years now.  Great art, amazing colors, and an all-in-all gem of an issue.  Proof rocks!!

  2. I really disliked the last issue starring the chupa, however this is a fantastic issue and seems like it will be starting an amazing arc.

  3. Interesting.. is this a new cryptid take on Jack the ripper of did I miss something in history class… Time shall tell

  4. Springheeled Jack was a different thing. In fact, at one point it was used as a general classification for reports of people or creatures who could move quickly. Also, Jack the Ripper was 30 years after this story is set, while Springheeled Jack was reported throughout the 19th Century.

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  5. he looks like batman…

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